DeLane King

Peace Officer Alumnus Makes a Difference in His Community

DeLane King standing in front of police cruiser.

An interaction with a police officer during his youth made Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) alumnus DeLane King want to make the same kind of difference in his community. King is now a Granville police officer after starting his career with the Hebron Police Department.

“I was helped by a police officer when I was very young. In that situation the officer took time to make sure I was okay when he did not have to. I want to be that officer; I want to make sure people have help when needed and at their lowest time they know somebody has their back,” he said.

When choosing where to pursue education for his chosen field, COTC stood out.

King said, “I chose COTC because of its reputation. The high standards at COTC lead to high job placement and great performance on the job. The certificates and training students get help separate them from other candidates entering the field.” 

In his efforts with youth in the community, King notes that COTC’s peace officer basic training program taught him one very important skill: interpersonal communication. He perfected this skill through scenario-based training and experiences shared by his instructors from their time in the field.

“Any given day you may speak with people from any walk of life, and the ability to communicate is key to figuring out not only if there’s a criminal complaint, but also when talking to someone going through a crisis,” King said.

King continues to try each and every day to be that police officer that made such an impact on him. He takes time to stop and play ball or even just talk to the youth in the community.

“I really enjoy showing the youth that police are approachable and here to help,” King shared. “I became a police officer simply to try to make a difference.”