Bryanna Stigger

Student Employment Inspires Alumna's Career

Brianna Stigger in Ohio Union

Like many teens, Bryanna Stigger was unsure of what career to pursue or what college to attend. COTC was close to home and affordable, so it was a convenient choice. It turned out to be a transformational choice. “COTC was the foundation of my career journey,” recalls Stigger.

As a student, an indelible opportunity arose during her internship in the Office of Student Life. COTC was creating an Italian cultural immersion program, a first for the college, and Stigger was able to be front and center during the planning. She also was accepted into the program, and took her first journey outside the United States with fellow COTC students, an adventure she’ll always treasure. “It was then when I realized how campus administrators positively shaped the culture of the campus by creating a sense of community and connectedness among students, faculty and staff alike,” she said. “I aspired to become a higher education professional after that.”

Stigger also held a student position in COTC’s Gateway, which would transition to full-time employment upon her graduation. It was there, she said, where she realized her calling: helping students succeed along their educational journey. She completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration and then a Master of Business Psychology from Franklin University, one of the 26 institutions with which COTC has articulation agreements.

Now, Stigger works at The Ohio State University. She is the Master of Social Work Outreach Programs Coordinator providing leadership for marketing activities. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with students. She loves witnessing their journey from prospect to graduate, and she shares her personal experiences to provide support and encouragement. “COTC impacted my life because it transformed my career,” said Stigger. “I appreciate COTC’s student-centered approach to learning which is exemplified both inside and outside of the classroom. COTC’s values of honor, integrity and excellence remain within me today.”