Arts and Sciences – Biology and Physical Science


Statement of Purpose​

The purpose of the Biological and Physical Sciences Department at Central Ohio Technical College is to provide a sound introduction to scientific principles, laboratory techniques, and general knowledge in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics and to provide college preparatory science for the under-prepared student.  To accomplish this purpose, the student learning outcomes are as follows:

​​Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the general education components relating to biological and physical sciences, the student will be able to:

  • Recall basic scientific concepts.
  • Perform the basic laboratory skills and/or correctly label diagrams, models, slides, specimens, and/or schematics.
  • Explain scientific principles using appropriate vocabulary.
  • Apply scientific concepts to laboratory experiments, techniques, and case studies.
  • Analyze data to predict outcomes and/or draw conclusions to scientific problems.
  • ​Create written and oral presentations, both individually and collaboratively, using valid electronic resources.

​Please contact the Gateway-Admissions Office, located on the Newark Campus in the Hopewell Mall (740-366-9222), for further information regarding the Biological and Physical Sciences course offerings at Central Ohio Technical College.