Arts and Sciences


Associate of Arts Degree | Associate of Science Degree​​Biological and Physical Sciences Department​BIO - Anatomy, Biology, Environmental Science, Medical Terminology, Microbiology, ​​Nutrition and Pathophysiology CHEM - Chemistry PHYS – Physics​​​English and Communications Department​​ENGL – English and Composition, Business & Professional Communication, Technical Writing, American Literature, and British Literature

  • ​SPCH – Fundamentals of Communications, Public Speaking, Small Group Communications

​Foreign Languages Department

  • SPAN – Spanish

History Department

  • HIST – History​

Mathematics Department​​

  • ​MATH – Basic Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Technical Mathematics, Calculus,  and Statistics

Pre-College Education Department

  • GENR – College Reading and Basic Writing Skills

Social and Behavio​ral Sciences Department​​

  • PHIL – Critical Thinking, Philosophy and Ethics
  • PSY – Psychology
  • SOC – Sociology