Arts and Science – Mathematics


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Mathematics Discipline is to provide high quality, accessible math course that build a strong foundation for further math courses, support each technical program and further the personal goals of students.

​Learning Outcomes

To accomplish the stated purpose of the Mathematics Discipline,  this department embraces the concept of quantitative literacy as set forth by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.  As such, the following student learning outcomes are expected.

At the completion of the general education components relating to mathematics, the student will be able to:

  • Examine and interpret mathematics problems to determine the applicable operations needed on an appropriate calculator to solve the problem.
  • Select and perform correct mathematical operations relevant to various problems.
  • Formulate mathematical strategies to find solutions to applied problems.
  • Choose and apply suitable mathematical processes to solve problems in their technical programs.
  • Communicate mathematical findings effectively.
  • Demonstrate proper usage of available technology in the learning and application of mathematics.

Please contact the Gateway-Admissions Office, located on the Newark Campus in the Hopewell Mall  (740-366-9222), for further information regarding the Mathematics course offerings at Central Ohio Technical College.