Advanced Manufacturing at COTC

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Get ready! Intel is coming to Ohio.

Intel is coming to Ohio, and it’s not too late to prepare for a rewarding career in semiconductor manufacturing. Intel is investing more than $20 billion in the construction of two new leading-edge semiconductor chip factories (known as fabs) in Licking County — home to COTC’s Newark and Pataskala campuses. 

Intel has announced that they will be hiring about 3,000 technical engineers and technicians over the next couple of years. Of these, a significant number will be electrical technicians. 

Our analysis is that 80% of the skills needed by Intel electrical technicians are already covered in programs offered by COTC. So, a student enrolling in autumn semester 2023 in COTC’s electrical technician program will have a head start in acquiring the skills needed to get a job at Intel. As they progress in the curriculum in spring semester 2024, they will be able to take courses specific to Intel so that by the time they complete the one-year certificate program, they are fully qualified to be employed.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, average salaries for facilities instrumentation and control technicians is $60,360 per year.

Engineering Technology Programs at COTC

Advanced Manufacturing at COTC

The first semester courses for the electrical technician certificate program at COTC are relevant and useful for not just Intel, but also for several advanced manufacturing jobs in the central Ohio region — such as at Boeing, AEP, Amgen and others. After the first semester, students can decide to take the specialized courses for Intel, or take other more general engineering courses that will broaden their career opportunities.

What’s more, the students can decide at any point to pursue a two-year associate degree in electrical engineering technology, and the courses they take will carry over and set them up for an extended career path in advanced manufacturing.

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