Frequently Asked Questions


If I want to enroll in the peace officer basic training academy, do I need to register for and attend an information meeting? 

All students interested in peace officer basic training must register and attend an online information meeting.

Why do I need to register for and attend an information meeting?

Students must complete certain requirements to enroll in the peace officer basic training academy. Information meetings are held to go over the requirements in detail. 

Examples of requirements include (but are not limited to):

  • A fingerprint background check by the state of Ohio, a check by the State of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation (BCI&I) and the FBI to determine any criminal record such as felonies or any domestic violence convictions which would disqualify the student from the training. 
  • A completed pre-test screening of the physical conditioning requirements, including a signed waiver acknowledging the consequences of not passing the final physical conditioning test before the written final exam.

Where can I find a list of classes (plan of study) for the program I want to study?

The courses students need to take to complete a certificate or degree are listed in a plan of study. 

Are there any age requirements to take classes in the Peace Officer Basic Training program?

Students must be 18 to enroll in Peace Officer Basic Training.

If I am already a peace officer does that qualify me for college credit?

Students who are currently Ohio Certified Peace Officers may be eligible to apply credit to the peace officer basic training academy, and must provide documentation of current peace officer status.

Can I take classes online or face-to-face?

The peace officer basic training academy includes hands-on learning and face-to-face classes.

What are the physical requirements to enter the Peace Officer Basic Training program?

Students should review the Basic Training Physical Fitness Assessment Chart based upon their age and sex. The 15th percentile is the minimum entry standard to enter the Peace Officer Basic Training program or academy at COTC; however, applicants are strongly encouraged to exceed those standards. The 50th percentile is the standard to successfully exit the academy.

What is the correct form for push-ups and sit-ups for the academy?

Push-up form:
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Sit-up form:
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What type of financial assistance is available to help me pay for tuition for the peace officer basic training academy?

The Peace Officer Basic Training Academy is eligible for the Talent Ready Grant available to support students who have financial need, are enrolled in a short-term certificate that may be completed in less than one year (less than 30 credit hours), and leads to a certification or a workforce credential in an in-demand job or career. The grant is intended to assist in covering the cost of tuition and fees (up to $2000) and is a limited fund that will be awarded until funds are exhausted.

Learn more and apply for the Talent Ready Grant

Connect with the Office of Student Financial Services at 740.366.9435 or email

What expenses are there in addition to tuition?

Students in the law enforcement technology program — and the peace officer basic Training academy — are required to purchase and wear a uniform. 

How do I get started at COTC?

Help us learn more about you by visiting our Future Students webpage, then follow the COTC Steps to Enroll to get started.