Learning Specialist


The Learning Specialist provides advice and resources to enhance students’ learning inside and outside of the classroom.

Areas of Support

  • Self-regulation: self-efficacy and confidence, motivation, goal setting, procrastination
  • Life Balance: planning, managing time, prioritizing, safeguarding personal well-being
  • Learning Strategies: meta-cognition, active learning, study skills and techniques
  • Effective Use of Resources: peer-assisted learning, faculty support and communication, technology and e-learning

Services are offered in a variety of formats: workshops, classroom presentations, on-demand online seminars and individualized assistance via personalized consults.

Personalized Consultation

Face-to-face meetings with the Learning Specialist provide students an opportunity to discuss personal academic challenges and receive individualized advice tailored to their particular needs. Follow this link to schedule your appointment.

Academic Peer Coaching

Academic Peer Coaches are students who have been trained to help other students achieve academic success. They provide support setting effective goals, developing study plans and building strong organizational and time management strategies. Peer coaching sessions are scheduled in 45 minutes increments. Book your academic peer coaching session via this link.

Contact Information

Ferdinand Avila-Medina
Learning Specialist
Email: avila-medina.1@osu.edu
Text: 740.261.6607
Phone: 740.366.9247
Web: https://mylearningnetwork.com/