Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission approves COTC’s POBT program at Coshocton


We are excited to offer the Peace Officer Basic Training program in Coshocton to benefit the residents of Coshocton and neighboring counties. COTC’s POBT program is a short-term certificate for entry-level peace officers and can be completed in either an accelerated, one-semester (15 weeks) program or in a two-semester, part-time program.

In their confirmation letter to Commander Adam Featherling, the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission’s office said, “We are pleased to inform you that your application to conduct a Peace Officer Basic course between 1/11/2024 and 8/14/2024 has been approved.”

In addition, COTC has received designation by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office as an approved STAR Training Center. COTC is the only central Ohio academy to receive this designation and the fifth in the state of Ohio.

Since 2014 all COTC Peace Officer Basic Training graduates have passed the state certification exam — that’s a 100% pass rate. COTC has also ranked in the top two open-enrollment police academies for passing the state certification exam since 2017. That is quite a streak of success and is a testament to the quality of education that cadets receive during their training at COTC.

The purpose of the program is to prepare qualified individuals for entry-level positions as peace​ officers through knowledge-based learning; demonstrated skills proficiencies; experiential learning through structural simulation; and practical experience in an ethical and professional manner consistent with federal, state and local laws​ enabling them to meet the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission requirements and allowing successful graduates of the program to take the state certification exam.

Interested parties can schedule an admissions appointment online or by emailing cotcadmissions@mail.cotc.edu or call 740.366.9222.

For more information, see Peace Officer Basic Training.

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