Medical Coding

Associate of Applied Science


The medical coding associate degree prepares students for employment as a medical billing and coding professional at many locations of employment including:

  • Hospitals and outpatient clinics
  • Physician offices
  • Nursing and rehabilitation facilities
  • Home health services
  • Insurance firms
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Law and tax firms
  • Billing companies
  • Public health/government agencies

Students who complete the Associate of Applied Science in Medical Coding will be prepared to: 

  • Use industry-established codes and the latest healthcare technology to collect, organize and report vital information such as diagnoses and treatment outcomes.
  • Manage medical and financial records
  • Work with hospitals and insurance companies to ensure patient claims are properly recorded and processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I complete the medical coding degree program?

The amount of time it takes a student to complete the Medical Coding certificates and/or associate degree depends upon how many courses are taken per semester. 

Students who attend full time (and take 3-5 classes on average per semester) will complete quicker than students who attend part time (and take 1-2 classes on average per semester).

Students can complete a Medical Coding certificate in just two semesters and an associate degree in less than two years.

Students who complete a certificate in Medical Coding have earned credits that can be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science in Medical Coding. 

Where can I find a list of classes (plan of study) for the program I want to study?

The courses students need to take to complete a certificate or degree are listed in a plan of study. 

Can I take classes online or face-to-face?

Students pursuing any healthcare degree should expect to take classes face-to-face to experience hands-on learning. Some general education classes may be offered online.

What type of financial assistance is available to help me pay for college? 

COTC awards $1 million in scholarships to students each year.

Every student is encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for grants, scholarships and loans. 

Students who complete a FAFSA are automatically considered for some scholarships. Other scholarships require an application. 

Connect with the Office of Student Financial Services at 740.366.9435 or email

How do I get started at COTC?

Help us learn more about you by visiting our Future Students webpage, then follow the COTC Steps to Enroll to get started.