Kristen Eblin

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technology

Student Spotlight
Kristen Eblin in her sonography scrubs

The fall after she graduated from Chillicothe High School, Kristen Eblin started a radiologic sciences degree at a four-year university. About halfway through, she realized that she was in the wrong major at the wrong school. Fortunately, she discovered a new passion, and today she’s found her match with the diagnostic medical sonography technology (DMS) program at Central Ohio Technical College (COTC).

The large classrooms, Eblin said, were her major downfall at the university.

“Having a class with 700 other people can be extremely overwhelming,” she shared. “I struggled academically for the first time, and it began to take its toll on me.”

But it wasn’t all for nothing. In one of her university courses, Eblin was introduced to sonography and discovered she liked it more than the X-ray specialty she had chosen. It was time, she decided, to pause her education and reflect on her goals. 

“Once I learned about sonography from my rad sci class at [the university], sonography chose me. It was only a matter of time before I put that dream in motion.”

That’s when she found COTC. Having spent two years in school already, the two-year associate degree appealed to her. Plus, most of her general education courses transferred from the university to COTC.

“I cried when I received my acceptance email from COTC,” she explained. “The education I am receiving right now feels amazing. I truly feel like all of the DMS faculty are helpful, understanding and know how to teach extremely well.”

COTC’s small campus has provided a learning environment in which Eblin can thrive. Backed by a supportive staff and faculty, she’s more confident in her technical skills and excited to continue learning new things. Eblin is on track to graduate in the spring of 2023.

“I know more than I ever could’ve thought, and I truly believe I was born to scan,” said Eblin. “COTC really does have the best sonography program in the state, maybe even in the nation.”