Kris Bowman

Nursing Technology

Featured Instructor

Kris Bowman headshot.Professor Kris Bowman has been a member of the nursing faculty at COTC since 2009. In addition to teaching at COTC, she teaches basic life support for the American Heart Association and provides health education development for faculty, staff and students at Newark City Schools (NCS). Bowman previously worked at NCS as a school nurse and also spent many years working at Genesis Health Care in Zanesville as a nursing hospital supervisor, telemetry staff nurse and registered respiratory therapist.


Doctor of Nursing Practice from Northern Kentucky University

Master of Nursing – Education from Walden University

Master of Education- Administration: Pupil Services from Ashland University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ohio University

Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy Technology from West Virginia Northern

What classes do you teach?

I teach Nursing 201 Advanced Adult Health. This course is the final medical-surgical nursing course in the ADN program. This course covers critical care concepts for patients who have complex health disorders. In this course we focus on critical thinking when assessing and planning for care of patients who require more intense intervention. The students are progressed in developing clinical reasoning and ultimately nursing judgment that results in safe, quality care for a variety of populations.

What can graduates do with a nursing degree?

The student who completes an associate degree in nursing is prepared to take the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Exam). Successful completion of this exam permits the newly licensed nurse to provide nursing care in a variety of settings such as hospitals, home care, long term care, rehabilitation facilities, and health departments. The options for employment are varied and diverse beyond the ones previously listed!

How did you become involved in healthcare?

I started in healthcare as a registered respiratory therapist. In this capacity i worked in both acute care and home care over a 10 year period. I then returned to school and obtained a bachelors in nursing. With this degree I worked in acute care as a cardiac nurse and nursing supervisor. After obtaining additional certification in school nursing, I worked as a school nurse. While working as a school nurse I completed a masters degree in education administration. It was at this time that I cam to COTC to teach full time. I then
obtained both a masters and doctorate in nursing practice.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at COTC? 

It is about the students! I came from associate degree education and I have lived through very similar struggles. I am excited to come to work every day and collaborate with my students and co-faculty to help our learners to reach their educational goals and become great nurses. We need more great nurses, and I am grateful to have a hand in this process.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Completing my DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) has been a long term goal for my personal growth.

What advice do you have for students?

Trust yourself and your abilities. You are more capable of success than you might initially believe.

How do you support students in achieving their certificate or degree?

I try to take a complex topic and break it into foundational pieces that might be more understandable for the students. I work to explain the “how, when, and why” to help make material more relatable and applicable. However, I could not do my job without my co-faculty and the Student Success Center, who also tirelessly assist the students in this same process to meet them where they are and then continue the journey.

It is also important to recognize that COTC is so much more than just good teaching, it is also about providing the supports for learning beyond academics. Many students need financial and mental health support as well. And COTC provides this multifaceted approach for success. This is an institution I am proud to be a part of.

What interests, hobbies or talents do you have outside of the classroom?

I am an avid reader and a not-so-great golfer, but I really enjoy both! I can hold my own in a yoga class and have recently been upgrading my cooking and baking abilities. Mastering the unicycle has not yet happened, but I am still trying.