Kimberly Goudy

Business Management Technology

Featured Instructor
Headshot of Professor Kimberly Goudy

Professor Kimberly Goudy started teaching at COTC in 2002. She teaches entrepreneurship, management and marketing courses at the Newark and Knox campuses and online. She has presented at more than a dozen national and international conferences and made appearances on NBC4. 


Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration from Northcentral University

Master of Business Administration from Ashland University

Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Franklin University


2019-20 COTC Full-Time Teaching Excellence Award

Golden Key International Honour Society

What students can do when they graduate with a degree in business management technology?

As an entrepreneur, the career opportunities are endless. Students who might have an idea for a small business are able to incorporate their class business plan into a real-world opportunity by starting their business online through sites such as Etsy. Students are able to garner confidence and competencies in the class in which they can begin their career right away by starting their own small business. 

In management, students can build upon their introductory courses and careers to possibly promote into the next professional level at their current workplace or seek a position in an administrative role.

Many students fall in love with marketing once they are enrolled in the course. We are consumed by marketing efforts all around us. Students who are interested in marketing will find an array of positions in the business environment in this field. In addition, students might find ways to fulfill job opportunities by considering a marketing approach when it comes to promoting themselves.

How did you become involved in the business field?

Marketing — I was one of those students who fell in love with the subject. In college, my marketing class was able to submit a proposal to Hallmark, and it was accepted. I was sold. Plus, I am one of those persons that turn the volume up when a commercial is on because I find (most of them) very entertaining!

What do you enjoy most about teaching at COTC?

Student Involvement. I love working closely with the students. I am not just a teacher. I enjoy playing the role of a mentor, a cheerleader, an advisor. I enjoy teaching because I get to be that person who is able to ensure students that they will be okay professionally if they continue on their educational journey at COTC. I get to be that person who a student cannot wait to share an anecdote from their day. I care about students, and I am able to find ways to demonstrate my support and caring to students. I celebrate life events with students and am there when life might be just too much on a certain day. The only thing I do not like about teaching at COTC is that no one has taught me how to let go of students once the course has ended or they have graduated from the college. It is tough to let go because I truly develop positive and professional relationships with students.

In what way does COTC support students in achieving their certificate or degree?

Employing faculty that value student success. Faculty that are willing to share and remind students time and time again of the most valued resources available and offered through the college. This ranges from having access to acclaimed databases for college-level research through the Warner Library, career support through the Office of Student Life and personal support through the food pantry. Most importantly, the college has a culture that exemplifies respect. Respect for each individual who attends or visits the college. COTC culture is almost tangible, exuding caring and compassion for all, and inclusion of each individual, whether they attend a class, alumni, visit the library or a community member. 

What interests, hobbies or talents do you have outside of the classroom?

I play basketball. I work out. I walk. I love music. I create and share playlists on Spotify. You can find me at most live concerts. I read. I listen to podcasts. I travel extensively during semesters and holiday breaks. I attend conferences to maintain relationships with peers across the country. My addiction is to learning. I love to learn. Of course, most people around me say I ask too many questions (and talk too much!).