James Jarc, MA, EdD

Assistant Professor at Central Ohio Technical College

Featured Instructor
James Jarc

Seasoned communication practitioner turned educator and scholar. I’ve been a creative and advertising guy since around 2002 when I was helping friends develop flyers for their bands and comedy shows. Fast forward through a BA in Advertising, several awards, and LOTS of pro-bono work, I end up as an account manager for a boutique ad agency in New Orleans. Decide to return to Ohio and venture out on my own… Managed a small creative and technical shop for 12 years, serving clients all across the country. Back to school for a Master’s in communication. Landed a few part-time teaching gigs and fell in love with the classroom environment. Back to school again, though this time for a Doctorate in education and leadership. Recently appointed Assistant Professor of Digital Media Design. I research and write about the intersections of technology, communication, leadership, and education.