Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly can I complete the early childhood education technology associate degree?

The time it takes a student to complete the early childhood education associate degree depends on: 

  • How many classes a student takes at a time and what classes they take which semester, as some classes are only offered once per year.
  • Whether a student already has any college-level coursework to transfer to COTC and/or professional experience, such as a CDA, that may be eligible to award a student existing college credit.
    • Students with a CDA credential will be assessed for college credit on a case-by-case basis.  

We encourage students to contact Admissions at to learn more about degree completion time. 

Are there any requirements to study early childhood education technology at COTC?

Yes, students interested in studying early childhood education technology have to complete an Early Childhood Education Application Packet. As part of that packet, students are required to complete a background check and three (non-family) references. The packet is completed after completing the Steps to Enroll as a student at COTC. Also, help us learn more about you as a student by visiting our Future Students webpage. 

Where can I find a list of classes (plan of study) for the program I want to study?

The courses students need to take to complete an associate degree are listed in a plan of study. 

Can I take classes online or face-to-face?

To provide flexible learning options for students, many classes in early childhood education can be completed either fully online or remotely with a designated day and time to meet online using Zoom. 

Early Childhood Education requires students to complete in-person classroom practicum hours. The number of practicum hours depends upon what a student is trying to achieve

  • Students who wish to pursue Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Pre-kindergarten Teaching License will complete 375 practicum hours. 
  • Students who do not plan to pursue ODE licensure will complete 195 practicum hours. 

What do I need to know about completing practicum hours in early childhood education?

COTC has a Practicum Coordinator who works with students to try and place them in their preferred geographic area; however, students should be aware practicum placement is subject to availability at the childcare center.

Students should have reliable transportation to travel to an assigned practicum location. 

Can I pursue a bachelor’s degree after I complete an associate degree?

Local teacher education programs that work with COTC for ease of transfer credit applicability include:

What type of financial assistance is available to help me pay for college? 

Every student is encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for grants, scholarships and loans. 

Students who complete a FAFSA are automatically considered for some scholarships. Other scholarships require an application. 

A TEACH scholarship is available for students currently employed in the teaching profession. Current education professionals are encouraged to apply and be considered for additional financial assistance.

How do I get started at COTC?

Help us learn more about you by visiting our Future Students webpage, then follow the COTC Steps to Enroll to get started.