Black Heritage Event

Campus Event

The Black Heritage Virtual Program 2022 will include student speakers and guest speaker, Shaun Boothe.

Shaun Boothe is an award winning hip hop artist and creator of The Unauthorized Biography Series. He is a critically acclaimed artist who celebrates the world’s greatest cultural icons through biographical rap songs-repackaging history through Hip Hop. Some of his featured icons are Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Bruce Lee and more. Shaun’s presentation will share information about some of the most influential leaders of our time.

This event will be presented with automated closed captions. If you wish to request traditional CART and other accommodations, please contact Shannon Donley at Requests should be made by Feb. 22 and will generally allow us to provide seamless access. We will make every effort to meet requests made after this date.

RSVP for the virtual (zoom) event by Feb 22, 2022.