Asif Khan

Engineering Technology

Featured Instructor
Asif Khan stands in front of engineering equipment in a classroom

Asif Khan’s list of achievements in academia is second to none. With three degrees to his name — a bachelor’s in information technology from AL-Khair University, Pakistan; an associate degree in electrical engineering technology from COTC; and a master’s in engineering and technology from Ohio University — and eight years of teaching at COTC, Khan has reason to be proud.

Yet he considers his notable achievements to be the ones in which he helped others succeed. Take, for example, the 15 students who recently obtained internships in their chosen career fields with local companies with whom Khan worked “consistently and tirelessly” to develop relationships.

In his current position as assistant professor of engineering technology and information technology, Khan continuously works to help his students succeed not just in class, but in life, implementing one-on-one instruction in five different languages and taking students beyond the classroom environment to see the real-world applications of their skills.

Khan has additionally lent his skill set to the broader community, conducting training sessions at various local employers so that electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers were able to broaden their own skill sets — resulting, in many cases, in promotions for those employees.

In her letter to nominate Khan for COTC’s Alumni Transitions award (which he was awarded in 2022), Vicki Maple, former vice president for economic development and workforce solutions at COTC, wrote that Khan is “fully committed to the institution and to the mission of meeting the technical education and training needs of the students and employers in the area. I am confident that Asif’s skills and passion for helping individuals learn and grow are a benefit to the institution, to the communities served, and to the students and participants themselves.”

In addition to his involvement at COTC, Khan is a member of the American Society of Engineering Education, Licking County Chamber of Commerce’s Manufacturer’s Executive Council and C-TEC Advisory Board.