Tutor Resources


Free tutoring is one of the most popular programs. This program places students wanting to be tutored with a tutor who has previously taken the course and received a “B” or better. A faculty member must sign a competency form before a student will be trained as a tutor. Your prompt attention is the key to our providing timely service to the students. Tutors are paid and can arrange their own work schedules.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please complete the Student Employment Application and return it to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. If there is a need for tutors in the subject areas listed on your application, you will be contacted by the Tutoring Center Coordinator to schedule an interview.

Level 1 Tutor Training

All individuals newly hired as a tutor for the Tutoring Center must complete Level I Modules and the test for each Module. The links for the first three Modules are listed below and must be completed in the order listed. All three Modules and the test for each must be completed before you will be allowed to tutor. When you complete a test for a Module, turn it in to the Tutoring Center Coordinator or a Staff member in the Tutoring Lab (Warner 211). Individuals completing this training on extended campuses may contact your respective Tutor Liaison to submit your completed test answers. You may take notes while watching the Modules and may use the notes during testing. Each test will be open book and you must make 90% or higher on each test to be allowed to tutor. You will be scheduled to attend the required 8 hour seminar at the end of your first semester of tutoring.

Module 1.1     Module 1.2     Module 1.3   

Forms and Other Resources

Tutor Availability Form  

Tutors must submit a new Tutor Availability Form for each semester of employment. Since most of our tutors are either students or instructors, most of our tutors’ schedules will change based on their class schedules. Even if your schedule does not change, you must submit a new Tutor Availability Form every semester. For assistance, please see our Instructions for Completing Tutor Availability Form or contact the Tutoring Center Coordinator.

Competency Form

Tutors must submit a completed Competency Form for every class they wish to tutor. Tutors are not allowed to tutor in a course without an instructor’s approval. Professional tutors must submit transcripts and a resume to prove competency.

Progress Reports

Every tutee must sign a Progress Report at the end of each tutoring session. This documentation will then be submitted with Timesheets as proof that the tutee was present for the sessions billed. Remember that each tutee should have a separate Progress Report for each class.


Timesheets must be submitted to the Tutoring Center Coordinator no later than 4 pm on the last Thursday of every pay period unless otherwise specified. For more information about when Timesheets are due, please see the Payroll Calendar or contact the Tutoring Center Coordinator.

Timesheets must be completed electronically, then printed and signed in blue or black ink. Any errors on Timesheets will lead to a delay in pay, and tutors who frequently submit late or incorrect Timesheets may be terminated.

Extended campuses should fax their Timesheets and Progress Reports to the Tutoring Center at Newark Campus for processing. Original documents should be held until the end of the semester, at which time they must be sent to the Newark campus via courier. For more information regarding this, please contact a Tutoring Center Liaison.

​Evaluation for Tu​tors

​Tutors should complete the Evaluation for Tutors by the indicated deadline each semester. Please be honest but constructive in your critique of the Tutoring Center, and if you have suggestions for improvement, share them! We always like to hear from our employees.​