Submit a Complaint/Report

Submit a Complaint/Report

​​​​​There are several ways to report an incident of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, or stalking.​

Reporting to Police

Students, faculty and staff who are survivors of sexual assault, stalking, domestic or dating violence are strongly encouraged to report the incident(s) to law enforcement in the jurisdiction in which the incident(s) occurred.

In an emer​gency, please dial 9-1-1.

To report an assault or other crime to The Ohio State University Police or Campus Safety & Security (non-emergency), please call (740) 366-9237.​

Non-emergency contact information for other local police agencies include:

  • Newark Police Department (740) 670-7200
  • Coshocton County Sheriff's Office (740) 622-2411
  • Mount Vernon Police Department (740) 397-2222
  • Pataskala Police Department (740) 927-5701

Reporting an assault to the police or other law enforcement or campus security authorities does not require filing criminal charges, but it does allow all support systems to be put in place for the survivor. Filing a police report will provide the opportunity for collection of evidence, which is helpful in prosecution and will allow the survivor to be connected with the appropriate support and medical resources.

Reporting is best done as soon as possible after the assault, but it may be done at any time. Students, faculty and staff who choose to notify the police should be aware of the importance of the immediacy of reporting the incident and the importance of preserving physical evidence at the incident scene as well as on the person harmed. If possible, a victim of sexual assault should not wash, douche, use the toilet, or change clothing prior to a medical/legal examination. The gathering of physical evidence can provide important evidence and support of criminal charges leading to a successful prosecution.

Survivors who are reporting an immediate assault should be accompanied to a health care facility of their choice to allow for collection of evidence and treatment, preferably within 96 hours of the incident. If a sexual assault victim chooses to report the incident days, weeks, or even months after the assault, important support systems are still available and can be arranged; however, criminal investigations become much more difficult.

Sexual assaults for which individuals seek medical treatment must be reported to the appropriate police agency by health care officials. However, as noted above, individuals are not required to file a police report.

Reporting to the Office of Student Life or the Office of Human Resources

To submit a complaint against a student:

Director of Student Life

Warner Center Suite 226 | 1179 University Drive, Newark, Ohio 43055

(740) 366-9219 | hmason@cotc.edu

To submit a complaint against an employee, visitor or outside vendor:

Office of Human Resources

Founders Hall 1014B | 1179 University Drive, Newark, Ohio 43055

(740) 366-9407 | Parrill.9@osu.edu


For confidential reporting

Counseling Services (on-campus confidential reporting and counseling options)

Warner Student Center and Library – Room 226


wirt.9@osu.edu OR sharris2@cotc.edu

(740) 364-9578


SARNCO, Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio (614) 267-7020

Family Health Services/Licking County Rape Crisis Center (800) 688-3266

Reporting to the Title IX Coordinator


If you have concerns about any of the processes listed above or do not know where to go or with whom to speak, you may contact the Title IX Coordinator for students at hmason@cotc.edu or the Title IX Coordinator for employees at parrill.9@osu.edu