J. Gilbert Reese Next Generation Community Leadership Award

Scholarship Application

This scholarship was established in 2019 to recognize Mr. Reese’s incredible legacy and visionary leadership and community support and to inspire the next generation of community leaders. The award is presented annually to one COTC student and one Ohio State Newark student in November. Each recipient receives a framed certificate and a $2,000 scholarship is applied to their tuition for the following spring semester

What are the requirements to be considered for this scholarship?

Academic Performance: This scholarship recognizes students who have a history of good academic performance.
Leadership and Community Involvement Performance: Recognizes a student with demonstrated leadership on and off campus who exemplifies a spirit of volunteerism and community involvement while involved in student activities, clubs or organizations.

How can a student be considered for this scholarship?

Students must meet the requirements and complete a separate application to be considered for this scholarship. The scholarship application is available in the fall each year.