Requesting a Tutor


Tutor Request Form

Student on the COTC Campus

Students who wish to receive free tutoring for a specific class must complete the Tutor Request Form. Please be sure to also review the Tutoring Center’s Policies and​ Procedures.

Please note that students may be DROPPED FROM THE TUTORING PROGRAM if:

  1. The student misses a scheduled session without notifying the Tutoring Center Staff.
  2. The student calls off twice without giving at least two hours notice to the Tutoring Center Staff.
  3. The student calls off for three consecutive sessions.

Students who are dropped may appeal this decision by completing the Appeal Form and submitting it to the Tutoring Center Coordinator. A decision regarding the student’s appeal will be made no later than 5 business days from the date of submission, and the student will be notified via email.

Students who drop a class or find they no longer need the help of a tutor may choose to drop the tutor by completing the Optional Withdrawal Form. This form must be returned to a Tutoring Center Staff member at least 24 hours before the tutee’s next scheduled session so that the tutor can be notified in a timely manner.​​


Other resources are available to students as well. Below are some helpful links and information about some of our educational workshops.

Helpful Links

​E-LEARNING​​ – Words, Phrases, Terminology, and suggestions for online learning

Learning Resources on the Web – Websites and Programs to assist you

​​Evaluation Form

Please complete the Evaluation for Tutee and let us know about your experience at the Tutoring Center.