Practical Nursing – Learning Outcomes


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the practical nursing program is to provide health education programs for emerging and practicing healthcare providers, accomplished through the values of integrity, quality, leadership, affordability and innovation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Functions efficiently as a member of the health care team to provide safe, competent, quality care that meets the diverse needs of patients in a variety of health care settings.
  2. Communicates effectively with individuals, families, communities, and members of the health care team.
  3. Utilizes technology and a spirit of inquiry to consider resources to question and guide nursing actions.
  4. Provides patient-centered nursing care across the lifespan and promotes the health of patients within the family context.
  5. Demonstrates accountability and responsibility for one’s own nursing practice consistent with established professional, legal, and ethical standards.

Program Philosophy and Program Student Learning Outcomes approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing September 2011.