Newark Campus Advisors


Picture of Jennifer Abraham

​Name: Jennifer Abraham 

Title: Director of Advising and Retention

Location: Newark Campus


Phone: 740.755.7325

Educational Background:
Master of Arts in Organizational Communication, Ohio University, 2013
Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies, Ohio University, 2007
Associate of Applied Science in Business, Central Ohio Technical College, 2005

Hometown: Johnstown, Ohio

Advice to students:  I am a true believer that hard work pays off.  College is meant to be challenging and you will have ups and downs during your student experience.   The most important thing to remember is every situation is a learning experience.  Take advantage of the many academic and student resources available to you throughout your journey and enjoy your time as a student.

Personal Philosophy of Advising:  Although working in advising covers the same material and information for many students, the students bring in their own unique background and educational goals.  This is what I truly love about working in advising.  I am always up for a challenge and enjoy working together with students to develop an academic plan that meets their educational goals.  My philosophy is to teach students how to navigate through their plan of study and necessary requirements from the start of their academic journey to become confident with their education decisions.

Name:  Ira D. Chapman

Title: Academic Advisor

Location: Newark Campus


Phone: 740.755.7277

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies, Kent State University, 2013
Master of Arts in Education: Student Affairs in Higher Education, 2016

Hometown:  Danville, Ohio

Advice to students:  You may face hardships and challenges, both academically and personally, as you take on this venture.  Do not run from the challenges that present themselves.  Take a breath (or two) and develop a plan of action to overcome those challenges.  Know who you have as members of your support team.  Remember that it is okay to not know what to do, as long as you are willing to take the steps necessary to figuring it out.  Your support team will be of great value to you in this regard.  Learn what resources are available to you, in all areas where you may find yourself in need.  Utilize those resources!  Finally, allow yourself some flexibility.  Be open to new ideas and be willing to alter the plan/create a new plan – if there be need.

Personal Philosophy of Advising:  Each student is a world unto themselves.  Every student brings a unique tapestry of life experiences, of hopes and dreams, desired outcomes and goals, as well as questions and doubts with them into the arena of continued/higher education.  To advise a student is to come along side of them, personally, and engage them within the context of their world.  To learn how I can assist them in their academic journey in a manner which is complimentary to their experience, and how I can encourage them to take authorship of the process – that is what I am here for.

Name: Evan Daverio  

Title: Academic Advisor

Location: Newark Campus


Phone: 740.755.7155

Educational Background:
Master of Arts in Public History, Duquesne University, 2018 
Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Political Science, The Ohio State University, 2015

Hometown: Avondale, Pennsylvania

Advice to students:  My advice to students is to figure out how to best manage your time during the week.  Whether you use a planner, calendar or create a to do list, find something that will help you manage your week.  As a student you are going to have a lot of school work you will need to complete and make time for, as well as manage your life outside of school.  Achieving balance is key, and it will go a long way to help you reduce stress and be successful. 

Personal Philosophy of Advising:  My philosophy is that to be a good advisor you need to build a strong advisor-advisee relationship with each student.  The studen​t needs to know that they have an advocate in The Gateway to whom they can bring their questions or concerns; someone who will help guide them through their educational journey. Sometimes I may not be able to answer all of your questions, but my job is to make sure we can find the correct answer or direct you to the correct resource based upon your individual situation.  In the end, I want to give each student guidance and help them build their confidence in order to meet their goals.

Picture of Amanda Dunlap

Name: Amanda Dunlap 

Title: Academic Advisor, Coordinator of Customer Service


Phone: 740.755.7665

Educational Background:
Masters of Science in Management, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, 2016
Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies, Ohio University, 2011
Associate of Applied Business, Central Ohio Technical College, 2009

Hometown: Newark, Ohio

Advice to students: As a college student you must work hard. You need to be open and flexible to new learning experiences and resources. Make the most of your education. Remember the beginning is always the hardest, so do not give up!

Personal Philosophy of Advising: As an advisor my role is to guide students through the academic process. To do this I provide support, resources, and tools students can use to be successful and help them reach their academic and career goals. The college experience requires learning both inside and outside of the classroom and as an advisor I am here to help students with the learning that happens outside of the classroom and to connect them with resources to aid in their learning within the classroom. Teaching students how to access and use the tools that they have at their fingertips as well as helping them identify and consider every option they have in various situations is the most rewarding part of my job. I am passionate about education and teaching and I love being able to teach while guiding students to their goals. 

Name: Kimberly Randall

Title: Academic Advisor

Location: Newark Campus


Phone: 740.755.7125

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Science in Social Work, Minor Psychology, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Master of Arts in Higher Education, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Hometown: Corunna, Michigan

Advice to students:  Making a commitment to your education is making a commitment to yourself and to your family. It will be worth the time, effort and sacrifices. Also, don’t be discouraged if you can’t finish your degree or certificate in record time. We all have our own pace and our own path, to meet our educational goals. Learning is a lifetime event not a race. The Gateway is here to cheer you on.

Personal Philosophy of Advising: As an advisor, I am here to help students on their journey to meet their educational potential and interest. Connecting with students from the moment they get on campus is an important part of my role. I make it point to be welcoming and inclusive when meeting students with sharing my positive energy and smile. My philosophy is a good connection provides the avenue for me to work together successfully with students and allows me to encourage a student to persist. Part of what I do, is bring students information about the academic process, whether it be about courses, programs or next steps to progress to graduation. The opportunity to make a difference in a student’s life is why I became an advisor. I love my job.

Picture of Charlene Ross

Name: Charlene Ross 

Title: Academic Advisor

Location: Newark Campus


Phone: 740.755.7667

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Educational Background:
Master of Science in Marketing and Communications from Franklin University
Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a Minor in Human Resources from Franklin University
Associate of Applied Business, Business Management Technology​ from Central Ohio Technical College

Advice to Students: Seek out and utilize all your resources.

Personal Philosophy of Advising: My role is to guide and empower students toward their academic and career goals by providing support, information and tools the student needs to be successful in and out of the classroom. I believe each student is an individual with unique experiences and backgrounds and should be treated with respect and dignity. I am committed to being an advocate during their educational journey, celebrating their accomplishments and successes and providing support during their struggles. The most rewarding part of my job is to witness the joy in students when they have achieved their academic goal, whether that is completing a couple courses to update their skills or transfer to another college, or obtaining a certificate or degree from COTC.

My role as an Academic Advisor is as diverse as the population in which I serve. Advising is not a one size fits all mentality and yet the basic needs and steps remain the same. It’s about taking the person from the point of where they are and moving them toward an educational goal one semester at a time, creating the mentality and belief in themselves through the process. It all begins by reminding students they are not alone in this. That I as well as the College as a whole are there for them. Other support comes from sharing of concepts, resources and even the occasional anecdote. Each meeting going forward you can see the growth and the change …not just academically, but personally as well. This all begins by giving them simple, basic first steps. The strength of that foundation will put them in the power seat to understanding their direction and taking ownership of it. From there it’s a celebration of accomplishments towards their goal, be it a few courses that transfer, or a degree.