Health Applicant Testing


Student on the COTC Campus

Students applying to health programs at COTC are required to complete a selection exam as part of the selection process.  COTC is currently using the ATI TEAS test as our selection exam.

All TEAS testing is currently being done remotely. Students will test at home using their personal computer. For more information about computer requirements, please see

Student Responsibilities

Payment and Scheduling:

The cost of the test is $87​ plus tax and must be paid at the time of registration with a credit or debit card or Visa gift card.  Cost of the test is set by ATI TEAS and is subject to change without notice.  Payment for the ATI TEAS test is non-refundable and non-transferable. No-shows and late-shows will result in loss of the registration fee and will not be eligible to reschedule without paying and scheduling again through ATI TEAS.

Disclaimer: The pricing of the test is established by ATI TEAS and is subject to change without notice.

All students are responsible for scheduling their ATI TEAS date themselves through the ATI Website.  Students will be able to access a calendar of open sessions when they log in to schedule their exam.  Testing sessions can accommodate twenty students, and once a session is full, it will no longer be visible on the calendar.   The deadline to register for a session is 24 hours before the scheduled start time of t​hat session.  Choose your date and time wisely!

Creating an account with ATI TEAS before taking the test:

Student must set up an account with a username and password before arriving to test. If a student does not have his/her account already set up, no testing will be permitted. The student must reschedule and pay again.

  1. Log onto ATI to create their ATI account.
  2. Click on “Create New Account” and then follow the screen prompts.
  3. Students will only need to create an ATI account once, which will establish a username and password to take the ATI TEAS.   NOTE:  Students will see a choice of ‘Nursing’ or ‘Allied Health’ to register for a specific date/time for the test.   COTC tests dates are only listed under the ‘Nursing’ choice.   Choose this.   Your results will be used for the health  program(s) that you apply for.
  4. Use your 7 digit COTC student ID as your ATI TEAS student ID number.  Your COTC ID number can be found in my cotc, under the COTCconnect menus, by clicking the “My Profile” link. 
  5. Use your COTC email address when creating your account. All official TEAS communication, including instructions about accessing your test, will be sent to the email address you use when you create your ATI account.
  6. In order to test with COTC you must select the option that says TEAS online proctored by an Institution OR In-Person proctored by an institution. These options will list the remote and on-campus testing dates for COTC.

TEAS test image for choosing correctly

Students are responsible for ensuring that their ATI accounts are active prior to the test date.

All students should read their confirmation email from ATI thoroughly. If you are testing remotely, you will receive an email from your proctor 2-3 days prior to your test with very important instructions. The instructions will be sent to the email address you used when creating your ATI account. If you do not see an email from your proctor, check your junk mailbox first.

STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO FULLY COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS SET OUT BY ATI FOR REMOTE TESTING. This means testing in a quiet, distraction free environment, putting away phones and other devices, and keeping your camera and microphone on at all times. Students who violate these requirements, may have their test results voided.

Testing Center staff may stop the test of any student who does not follow these procedures and expectations.

Disability Services for Testing:

Students requiring disability accommodations should contact the Testing Center Coordinator for further instructions on scheduling.  Students who wish to utilize disability accommodations must have already met with the Office for Disability Services.  If you have testing accommodations through the Office for Disability Services, you must contact the Testing Center before you schedule your TEAS test to be sure that the necessary accommodations can be provided on the day you plan to take your test.  Failure to contact the Testing Coordinator ahead of time will result in testing accommodations not being available on the day of the test.


While there is no limit to the number of times a student may take the ATI TEAS, only the most current/recent scores will be taken into consideration during the selection process.  If you decide to retest, you must schedule and pay again through ATI.  After you have scheduled, it is important that you contact the Testing Center at least 24 hours before your testing appointment to let the Testing Coordinator know that you are testing for the second time.  Failure to contact the Testing Coordinator will result in you not being permitted to access a test on the day you have scheduled.  You will be required to reschedule and pay the fee again.

Taking the ATI TEAS elsewhere:

If a student should decide to take ATI TEAS at a location outside of COTC, then he or she is responsible for ensuring that ATI TEAS sends their scores to COTC electronically by the deadline date for application to their program of interest.

Female student taking the ATI TEAS Test

About the ATI TEAS  Test

  • Time limit is 209 minutes total. 
  • Reading is 64 minutes with 47 questions.  The Reading portion constitutes 31% of the overall score.
  • Mathematics is 54 minutes with 32 questions.  The Mathematics portion constitutes 22% of the overall score.
  • Science is 63 minutes with 47 questions.  The Science portion constitutes 31% of the overall score.
  • English and Language Usage is 28 minutes with 24 questions.  The English and Language Usage portion constitutes 16% of the overall score.
  • Results will be stored in the student’s ATI account under the ‘My Results’ tab and can be accessed from any computer with internet access may be printed at leisure after testing has concluded.  Students may not print test results in the Testing Center, but they may take a moment after the exam to review their scores.

Preparing for the Test

TEAS Test Prep Resources

Study guides are also available at the Newark Campus Bookstore, for limited check-out at Newark Campus Library, at extended campuses, or through the ATI website at

Additional resources are  available through the ATI website on ATI TEAS Prep.​