Emeritus Faculty, Staff and Trustees


The emeritus title is honorary and granted in recognition of outstanding service. This honor is reserved for those who are retiring from dedicated service to the college as regular status members of the faculty, administrative and professional staff, or Board of Trustees members.

Trustee Emeritus

L. A. Messimer
Trustee Term: 1970–1985
Awarded: 11/18/1985

Janice Myers
Trustee Term: 1977–1984
Awarded: 3/24/1986

J. Gilbert Reese
Trustee Term: 1970–1985
Awarded: 10/20/1986

Howard LeFevre
Trustee Term: 1970–1991
Awarded: 9/16/1991

John (Jack) Wells
Trustee Term: 1972–1993
Awarded: 4/28/1993

Jane McConnell
Trustee Term: 1985–2002
Awarded: 11/19/2002

Sarah Wallace
Trustee Term: 2002–2017
Awarded: 9/17/2017

Barry Riley
Trustee Term: 1991–2019
Awarded: 9/17/2019

President Emeritus

Robert A. Barnes, PhD
Founding COTC President (1971–1979) and The Ohio State University at Newark Dean/Director
Awarded: 4/21/1992

Julius S. Greenstein, PhD
COTC President and Ohio State Newark Dean/Director (1980–1994)
Awarded: 5/17/1994

Bonnie L. Coe, PhD
VP & Dean of Faculty (2001–04)
COTC President (2004–2018)
Awarded: 12/18/2018

Faculty Emeritus

Dr. Elaine Brisker
Professor, Natural Sciences
Awarded: 9/20/2005

Dr. Rose Cost
Professor, Office Administration

James Feasel
Professor, Electronic Engineering

Mona Myers
Professor, Nursing

Robert Pond
Professor, Electronic Engineering

Alexander Rolletta
Instructor, Accounting
Awarded: 5/17/1994

Dr. Mary Ellen St. John
Professor, Allied Health
Awarded: 7/20/2004

Carolyn Simpson
Professor, Nursing
Awarded: 10/21/2008

Dr. Carolyn Wulfhorst
Awarded: 1/17/2006

Ken Ollish
Professor, Radiologic Science Technology
Awarded: May 17, 2022


Rose Mary Saliba
Nursing Program Administrator (2002)
Academic Director of Nursing and Allied Health (2004–07)
Dean of Health & Human Services (2007–10)
Director of IR&E (2012)
Awarded: 6/19/2012