COTC Academic Champion Workshops


Starting in Spring 2023 The Student Success Center will host a series of workshops to help assist students with developing the academic skills needed to be successful in their courses. Students who successfully attend all 5 workshops and then earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or better will receive acknowledgement as an academic champion. Students who earn the Academic Champion designation will receive a certificate and acknowledgement on the COTC website.


Memory and Notetaking Skills

This workshop will discuss how our memory works and effective notetaking skills to aid in remembering what we learn.


This workshop will discuss reasons why we procrastinate and tips on how to avoid it.

Study Strategies

This workshop will discuss various study strategies to ensure that you are getting the most out of your study time.

Motivation and Goals

This workshop will discuss how to stay motivated while in college and how to set effective goals. 

Test Taking Strategies

This workshop will discuss how to be a better test taker and deal with test anxiety.

How to Sign Up

If you’d like to sign up for one ore more of the workshops, please use the link below.

Click Here to Sign up for a Workshop!

If you’re interested in a workshop, but are unable to attend that date, please reach out to a Success Coach for a 1-on-1 appointment.

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