College Credit Plus (CCP) Scholarship

COTC Application


This scholarship was established by COTC as an opportunity for College Credit Plus (CCP) students to continue taking classes at COTC after high school graduation. Students can be awarded $1,500 for two semesters each academic year for a total annual award of $3,000. The scholarship is renewed until completion of first associate degree (must have minimum 2.0 GPA and meet SAP).

What are the requirements to be considered for this scholarship?

  • Academic Performance: This scholarship recognizes students who have a history of good academic performance as a CCP student, with a minimum 2.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale). CCP students must also have completed a minimum of 3 credit hours with COTC.
  • Students must enroll autumn or spring semester immediately following their high school graduation.
  • Must enroll minimum 6 hours each term.

How can a student be considered for this scholarship?

Students in good academic standing as a CCP student, who (re)apply to COTC and file the FAFSA, are automatically considered for this scholarship to continue attending COTC after high school graduation.