​​​​Hello COTC student. As a follow-up to the exciting AEP Apprenticeship Opportunity information you've been receiving, we would like to remind you that the ATTACHED Apprenticeship Program Interest Form (application) is DUE THIS WEEK (November 2).

In addition to the application, please include your RESUME and a brief ESSAY response to the following question: Electrification is the greatest engineering achievement in the 20th century. How do you see the future of the electric utility industry?

This is an INCREDIBLE CAREER OPPORTUNITY for you. You will be contacted by AEP/APEX regarding the interview process once they receive the information above/attached. Please note: You must have already completed Circuits I (ELEC113) or be in process of successfully completing it to be considered. You will see on the application that your materials should be emailed directly to ApexApprenticeship_TED@apexsystems.com   [NOTE: You are welcome to CC me on the submission if you wish.)

This hybrid apprenticeship program supports working part-time and receiving on-the-job training at AEP, plus taking your COTC courses, so you're on track to graduate in May 2020 and prepared for a position as a Transmission Dispatcher or Reliability Coordinator. 

Please contact Whit Tussing in the Engineering Technologies department for more details tussing.19@cotc.edu,​ or you may reach out to me directly. Also, for your resume refinement, you should contact Derek Thatcher, our Manager for Career Services thatcher.42@cotc.edu

Good luck, and PLEASE take full advantage of this opportunity.

By November 2nd, submit the following documents to ApexApprenticeship_TED@apexsystems.com

__ Attached Interest Form/Application

__ Resume 

__ Essay response


Vicki Maple, M.Ed.
Vice President, Workforce Development, Community Affairs & Extended Campuses

P.S.  Some students have asked if a double-major is acceptable or encouraged. Absolutely, yes! (a) Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology or (b) Computer Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology may make the strongest pairings.​​​

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