21st Century Skills for the Workforce

21st Century Skills for the Workforce

​​​“21st Century Skills for the Workforce”  is slated to take place as follows​


Newark Campus of Central Ohio Technical College in Warner Center, Rm 201

1219 University Dr., Ne​wark, OH​

August 23, 30 & September 6 & 13

8am - 12pm​

The purpose of the “21st Century Skills for the Workforce” program is to enhance the professional and personal performance, effectiveness, and leadership skills for those with recognized leadership potential and/or emerging leaders interested in further developing their capacity as impactful members of the workforce. The participants, through this experience, will embrace individual and team-based performance, discovering what differentiates various levels of individual leadership and team performance, and also what they can do to enhance their own effectiveness in the workplace.

We will have a conversation in advance with the supervisor of each participant to note recognized potential from his/her perspective. We will also engage the participants, carefully reviewing and monitoring their interest, what they hope to learn and accomplish, and their personal career and leadership development plan.


Acceptable forms of payment are check or credit card, and online payments are available for your convenience.


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