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Our donors have a tremendous impact on the quality of our programs, teaching and facilities. The campus has a history of community and alumni support, which has been a great factor in its growth and development. Our students are our greatest assets and your gifts enable the campus to improve the quality of our students' experience.

Your Campus

Our campus is your campus. We invite the communities we serve to visit any and all of four full-service campuses in Newark, Knox, Coshocton and Pataskala.

Board of Trustees

The COTC Board of Trustees meets each month and meetings are open to the public.

Continuing Education

Choose from a variety of the most up-to-date and engaging continuing education credit and non-credit courses at one of our four convenient locations.

Quality Improvement

Central Ohio Technical College will be recognized as Ohio’s premier technical college focused on student success as well as for excellence in workforce development and technical education.

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Message from COTC President Bonnie L. Coe and Dean and Director MacDonald-Parking and Traffic IssuesMessage from COTC President Bonnie L. Coe and Dean and Director MacDonald-Parking and Traffic IssuesDiscover;Academics;Admissions;Campus Life;Communities
COTC Degree Fulfills Career Goals with Less College DebtCOTC Degree Fulfills Career Goals with Less College DebtDiscover;Academics;Admissions;Campus Life;Communities;Alumni
COTC Students Experience ItalyCOTC Students Experience ItalyDiscover;Academics;Admissions;Campus Life;Communities
COTC Alumna Climbing Ranks at Licking County Chamber of CommerceCOTC Alumna Climbing Ranks at Licking County Chamber of CommerceDiscover;Academics;Admissions;Communities;Alumni
COTC Associate Degree Nursing Program Now Dual AccreditedCOTC Associate Degree Nursing Program Now Dual AccreditedDiscover;Academics;Admissions;Communities

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College ASPIREhttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Pages/College-Aspire.aspxCollege ASPIRE
Workforce Development Innovation Centerhttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Pages/Workforce-Development-Innovation-Center-(2).aspxWorkforce Development Innovation Center
Lifelong Learning Institutehttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Pages/Lifelong--Learning-Institute.aspxLifelong Learning Institute
The John Gilbert Reese Centerhttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Pages/The-John-Gilbert-Reese-Center.aspxThe John Gilbert Reese Center
Board of Trusteeshttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Pages/Board-of-Trustees.aspxBoard of Trustees

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Agenda 08-21-18 revisedhttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Documents/Agenda 08-21-18 revised.pdfAgenda 08-21-18 revised
2016-2017http://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Documents/COTC Faculty and Staff Demographics Report_2017.pdf2016-2017
Summer Semesterhttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Documents/18SM 15th Day Summer Admissions Report.pdfSummer Semester
COTC Historical HC-FTE Table (1971-present)http://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Documents/COTC Historical HC-FTE Table.pdfCOTC Historical HC-FTE Table (1971-present)
Summer Semester 2018http://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Documents/18SM 15th Day Campus-Level Student Demographic_Program_Course Statistics_WEB.pdfSummer Semester 2018

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The Reese Centerhttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Pages/The-John-Gilbert-Reese-Center.aspx The Reese CenterFalse
Givinghttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Pages/Give-to-COTC.aspx GivingFalse
Campus Locationshttp://www.cotc.edu/Discover/Pages/Campus-Locations.aspx Campus LocationsFalse
Where Education Workshttp://www.cotc.edu/Discover/Pages/Education-that-Pays.aspx Where Education WorksFalse
Economic Impacthttp://www.cotc.edu/Communities/Pages/Economic-Impact.aspx Economic ImpactFalse