Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program

Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program

The Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program (ONGSP) will pay the base tuition only (general and instructional fees) for Ohio state-assisted colleges and universities. Any additional fees such as lab, course or assessment fees are student responsibility. For approved private or proprietary degree-granting institutions of higher education, the program will pay 100% of the average tuition charges of state universities. ONGSP is not available for courses not applicable to or leading to an Associate or the member's first Baccalaureate degree with an exception of diploma-granting nursing programs.

Please check here for FAQs about using ONGSP Education Benefits: https://ong.ohio.gov/information/education/ongsp-faqs.html

ONGSP scholarships are available for both full-time and part-time students who are actively enrolled in at least three (3) credit hours or more of coursework. Accumulation of eligibility units is based on actual attendance. The program is limited to a total of 96 accumulative units which requires a 6-year enlistment or 48 units for a 3-year enlistment.

Participants must meet and maintain all military training requirements and the terms of their enlistment obligation. If the member fails to meet the terms of their enlistment obligation, they will be liable to repay the state for a pro-rated amount of tuition paid on their behalf.

Education Units Usage by Term

Credit hours attended          Eligibility units per Semester           Eligibility units per Quarters

12 or More hours                        12 units                                               8 units

9 to 11 hours                                 9 units                                                6 units

6 to 8 hours                                   6 units                                                4 units

3 to 5 hours                                   3 units                                                2 units

Enrollment Process

Go to the new Ohio National Guard Scholarship Website: www.ongsp.ohio.gov

Follow the instructions in the ONGSP New User Guide to set up your account and how to submit your application to the school.

Additional questions can also be answered ONGSP Student Handout

 (You must use a Common Access Card (CAC) card to register and log on to the ONGSP Website. Ensure you have a functioning CAC reader for your home computer or access to a government computer to use the ONGSP Website.)

Additional information available at http://www.ong.ohio.gov/scholarship_index.html