Admissions Policies

Admissions Policies

​​​Admission Requirements for Students Seeking a Degree or Certificate

Regular admission as an associate degree or certificate seeking student to Central Ohio Technical College is based upon meeting one of the following requirements:

1. High school graduate, or

2. Completed home schooling at the secondary level, or

3. Passed the General Education Development Test (GED), or

4. If applicant has not met 1, 2, or 3 above, must be 18 or older.

Before an applicant can be admitted as a regular degree or certificate seeking student, the following must be submitted:

1. A COTC Application for Admission (as of March 2015, the college is no longer charging an application fee). Applications are kept on file for three years from date of receipt (the first semester/year for which admission was requested). After that, records are destroyed and prospective students must re-apply at no cost.

2. Non-U.S. citizens are required to submit documentation of current status, such as a copy of their permanent resident card. Additional admission requirements are required to be accepted as an international student (F-1 status). For more information, refer to the International Students page under Getting Started.

An official high school transcript, proof of GED or proof of home school completion is required for admission to certain programs, to verify student has met a course prerequisite and/or to be eligible for federal financial aid. The College reserves the right to require any of these documents from any applicant.

Several COTC programs have additional, specific admission requirements which may include, but not be limited to age limitations. Admission to some programs is limited. Applicants to some programs must complete all admission requirements specific to their program and submit a separate application for that program (before the published deadline) to be considered for admission.

Applicants convicted of any felony crime may be denied admission to some or all programs and may not be eligible to receive financial assistance. All students or applicants are responsible for informing the College of any felony conviction at the time of conviction. Additional information will be requested at time of application. 

Admission for Students Not Seeking a Degree or Certificate

High School Options and College Credit Plus

Current high school and home school students may be eligible to enroll and take college-level coursework while still enrolled in secondary education. For more information, refer to the High School Enrollment Options or College Credit Plus pages.

Visiting students and adult learners

Under certain circumstances an applicant may enroll as a non-degree/non-certificate seeking (Special Status) student in order to take a particular course or courses consistent with his or her education and experience. Non-degree/ non-certificate seeking students do not have the goal of obtaining a formal Certificate or Degree from the College.  Non-degree/non-certificate students are not assessed the College Acceptance Fee, are not eligible to receive financial aid, and cannot earn a degree/certificate.   These individuals are not required to take placement tests (unless enrolling in a course that requires the placement exam) to register for classes at COTC, but they must adhere to all course prerequisites. There is no restriction on the number of hours a non-degree seeker may earn at COTC.  Students who decide to switch to a degree option should notify The Gateway.

Program 60

Any person 60 years or older may enroll tuition free on a non-credit, space-available basis. Although a senior applicant is not assessed an Application Fee, he/she is subject to some specialized course fees where applicable.  Senior citizens enrolled on a non-credit basis are not held responsible for the regular class work and preparation of assignments.  Courses do not apply toward the fulfillment of degree requirements.   A senior citizen wishing to receive college credit for coursework must enroll as a regular student and pay all appropriate fees and tuition. For more information about this program, contact The Gateway.

Admission requirements and processes are subject to change without notice.

Have questions? Call one of our campus locations below or email us at cotcadmissions@mail.cotc.edu.