Information for Employers 


How an Internship Will Benefit Your Organization

·       An intern’s fresh perspective can shed light on opportunities that are currently not being utilized, as well as help solve old problems

·     Internships allow employers to cost-effectively “test drive” interns as potential employees 

·     Hosting an intern will help determine if there is enough additional work to support hiring someone full time

·      With an intern working on temporary/seasonal projects, the professional staff can pursue bigger projects


What Is an Internship?

·        Internship: A temporary, hands-on working and learning experience designed to prepare an individual for a particular career field.

·     An intern is:

o   A professional in training

o   Capable of contributing to large tasks and projects, and serving on teams

o   A student developing the skills needed to succeed in his or her career field through practical experience

o   A student who is eager to be busy doing productive work

o   Primarily focused on academic coursework when classes are in session

·     An intern is not:

o   A “gopher” or clerical support

o   Cheap labor for a company

o   A replacement for a member of your staff


General Internship Agreement (Non Credit-Bearing)

Every student participating in a non credit-bearing internship must provide documentation prior to the start of the experience. The Internship Agreement should be reviewed and signed by all involved parties:

Participating Student
Internship/Experience Site Supervisor
Office of Career Development

The student should return the completed form with an Internship Position Description to the Office of Career Development located in Warner 226.


Create a Position Description

The purpose of the internship position description is to provide a framework to what the intern will be doing throughout the experience.  An internship position description should include:

·     Internship position title

·     Company/Organization name and location

·     Intern supervisor name, title, and contact information

·     Preferred major or program of study

·     Primary duties/responsibilities of intern

·     Position requirements and/or Preferred skills and experience

·     Number of hours student is expected to serve in the internship—if not set by the academic program of study

·     Daily hours per week/days per week service is to take place

·     Internship start date/end date

·     Wages employer is to pay intern per hour/week/month—if applicable

·     How a student is to apply for the internship

·     Consider identifying special projects such as writing assignments, evaluating or processing data, creation of a project or special report for the internship site organization, etc.


Post Your Internship Opportunity

·         Visit our electronic job board powered by College Central Network at www.collegecentral.com/cotcosunewark

·      Once registered, you can post your internship opportunities to Ohio State Newark and Central Ohio Technical College.  An employer help sheet for use of the site is located here. 

For More Information:

Employers are encouraged to access and review our “How to Develop a Successful Intern Program” handbook


Special thanks to ColumbusInternships.com, the Indiana State University Career Center, Michael True, the Director of the Internship Center at Messiah College and Joyce Lain Kennedy, nationally syndicated CAREERS columnist, and author, Job Interviews for Dummies 4th Edition for their contributions to portions of this document.
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