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The student who successfully completes the Basic Police Academy COTC Certificate program at COTC will have also completed the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTA) requirements.  Once the student has been commissioned as having passed the OPOTA state test, the student will be eligible to be hired for positions listed below.

Please follow this link to the O*Net website for a useful tool for career exploration and job analysis:  http://www.onetonline.org/ 

            Police Officers
O*Net SOC Code:  33-3051.00

            Deputy Sheriffs
            O*Net SOC Code:  33-3051.03

Court Officers
            O*Net SOC Code:  33-3011.00

            Corrections Officers
            O*Net SOC Code:  33-3012.00

             Probation Officers
             O*Net SOC Code:  21-1092.00

             Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officers
             O*Net SOC Code:  33-9099.01

On-time Graduation Rates for Students Completing the Program

COTC’s Graduation rate taken from IPEDS reporting for 2007 is 16 percent for the First-time, Full-time student cohort.

Program Costs for the Entire Program, Tuition and Fees, Room and Board, Books and Supplies, Other

The Basic Police Academy COTC Certificate program is two quarters in length requiring completion of a total of 32 credit hours.


           QTR 1 –      Full-time Student (16 credit hours)                               $ 1326.00
QTR 2 –      Full-time Student (16 credit hours)                               $ 1326.00

           Sub-Total Tuition                                                                                $  2652.00

Other Basic Police Academy COTC Certificate Program Associated Fees

           Ammunition Lab Fee                                                                        $  200.00

           Sub-Total Other Associate Fees                                                    $   200.00

Total Tuition and Fees                                                                             $ 2852.00

No Room and Board (COTC is a commuter campus)                     $       0.00

Estimated Cost of Books and Supplies

            Books                                                                                                $      50.00

            Supplies/Other Required

            Student Liability Insurance                                                              $      35.00
            Physical Examination                                                                      $    200.00
            BCI                                                                                                     $      25.00
            Federal Background Check                                                            $      25.00
            Uniforms                                                                                            $    400.00

Total Estimated Cost of Books and Supplies                                    $     735.00

Total Estimated Cost of Basic Police Academy
            COTC Certificate Program                                                           $   3857.00

Placement Rates for students completing the program

The College placement rate from the latest survey is 69 percent currently employed in an area that is directly or somewhat related to the education area.

Median Loan Debt incurred by students who completed the program

Federal Loans                                                                                   $  3743.00
           Private Loans                                                                                    $         0.00
           Institutional Loans                                                                             $         0.00


Information compiled by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Central Ohio Technical College  --  June 30, 2011



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