Plans of Study - Previous Years - 2003-2004 Academic Year 


All Technology/Program Plans of Study Published in the 2003-2004 Academic Year are listed below.  Click on the link to access the Plan of Study or Tech/Non-Tech Breakdown form for each technology/ major/ option/ certificate program.


COTC 2003-2004 Course Descriptions 


Accounting Technology (ACC)

          ACC 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          ACC-Accounting Skills COTC Certificate (ACCAC)
                           ACCAC 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Business Management Technology (BMT)

          BMT - Business Management Curriculum (BMTBM)
                   BMTBM 2003-2004 Plan of Study
         BMT - Human Resource Management Option (BMTHR)
                    BMTHR 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Computer Applications Technology (CAT)***
(Offered Pending Approval of the Ohio Board of Regents)

           CAT 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Computer Programming Technology (CMP)

          CMP 2003-2004 Plan of Study


Criminal Justice Technology (CJT)

          CJT - Criminal Justice Option (CJTCJ)
                   CJTCJ 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          CJT - Criminal Justice Option With OPOTA Completion  (CJTCJ)
                   CJTCJ 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          CJT - Law Enforcement Option (CJTLE)
                   CJTLE 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          CJT - Basic Police Academcy COTC Certificate (BPA)
                   BPA 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technology (DMS)

          DMS - General Major (DMSGN)
                    DMSGN 2003-2004 Plan of Study

          DMS - General One Year Certificate Program (DMSGC)
                    DMSGC 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          DMS - Cardiovascular Major (DMSCV)
                    DMSCV 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          DMS - Cardiovascular One Year Certificate Program (DMSCC)
                    DMSCC 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Digital Media Design Technology (DMD)

         DMD 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Drafting and Design Technology (DDT)

          DDT - Architectural Design Major (DDTAR)
                    DDTAR 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          DDT - Civil Design Option (DDTCD)
                    DDTCD 2003-2004 Plan of Study

          DDT - Mechanical Design Major (DDTMH)
                    DDTMH 2003-2004 Plan of Study
           DDT - Computer Aided Drafting COTC Certificate (DDTCA)
                    DDTCA 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Early Childhood Development Technology (EAR)

          EAR - Early Childhood Development Option (EAREC)
                    EAREC 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          EAR - Teaching Option (EARTO)
                    EARTO 2003-2004 Plan of Study

 Electromechanical Engineering Technology (EMT)

          EMT 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Electronic Engineering Technology (EET)

          EET 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          EET - Network Specialist COTC Certificate (EETNC)
                     EETNC 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          EET - PC Repair COTC Certificate (EETPC)
                     EETPC 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Emergency Medical Services Program (EMS)

          EMS - Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate (EMSIN)
                    EMSIN 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          EMS - Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMSPR)
                   EMSPR 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Forensic Science Technology (FOR)

          FOR 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Human Services Program (HUM)

          HUM - Chemical Dependency Counseling  Option (HUMCD)
                    HUMCD 2003-2004 Plan of Study

          HUM - Social Services Option (HUMSS)
                    HUMSS 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          HUM - Counseling in Chemical Dependency COTC Certificate (HUMCC)
                    HUMCC 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          HUM - Family Service Worker COTC Certificate (HUMFS)
                    HUMFS 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Medical Office Administration COTC Certificate (BMTMO)

          BMTMO 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Nursing Technology (NUR)

          NUR - Associate Degree Nursing Progrma (NUR)
                    NUR 2003-2004 Plan of Study - Summer Beginning
                    NUR 2003-2004 Plan of Study - Winter Beginning

          NUR - L.P.N. to A.D.N. Program (NURLP)
                    NURLP 2003-2004 Plan of Study - COTC Graduate
                    NURLP 2003-2004 Plan of Study - Other School Graduate
          NUR - Practical Nursing One-Year Certificate Program (NURPN)
                    NURPN 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          NUR - State-Tested Nurse Aid (STNA) COTC Certificate Program (NURST)
                    NURST 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Personal Fitness Training Technology (PFT)

          PFT 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          PFT - One Year Certificate Program  (PFTCC)
                    PFTCC 2003-2004 Plan of Study

Radiographic Technology (RAD)

          RAD 2003-2004 2 Year Plan of Study

Surgical Technology (SUR)

          SUR - Two Year Associate Degree
          SUR 2003-2004 Plan of Study
          SURSC - One-Year Certificate Program
          SURSC 2003-2004 Plan of Study



 Course Descriptions 2003-2004 Academic Year 


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