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The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program is a great opportunity for your student.  Outlined below are some things to think about as you consider your student participating. 


1.  Students can earn high school and college credits.  Students who want to replace a high school graduation requirement with a college course must meet with their high school guidance counselor. 

2.  Students have access to coursework that may not be offered at the high school.  Students can take a wide variety of courses at COTC, including technical courses.

3.  Students can take academically challenging courses. 

4.  Students can explore areas of interest before beginning college full-time.  Saves time and money!

5.  Your student can get a head start on a degree!  Does your student know what they want to do after high school?  Post-Secondary Enrollment Options allows them to begin taking courses toward their educational goal now! 

6.  Students get to experience a college classroom before beginning college full-time.  This experience can help ease the transition into college by alleviating fears of what to expect!



1.  Students experience an increased responsibility for learning, increased rigor of courses and increased time commitment.  Make sure your student is ready for the expectations of college!

2.  Grades earned at COTC can impact your student's high school GPA.  Grades are reported to the high school every term and calculate into the students cumulative high school GPA.

3.  Students involved in extra-curriculur activities or part-time employment may have limited time available to take a college course.  Some students decide to take online courses or take a term off in order to maintain their high school involvement. 

4.  Students and parents may incur a financial obligation for participating.  Option B covers tuition and required textbooks, but students must purchase other required material, such as calculators, uniforms, etc.  If a student fails to successfully complete a college course through Option B, the student and/or parent can be held financially responsible for tuition and fees by the school district. 


Please Note: Students and parents are required to attend a counseling session before participating in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program.  These sessions occur before March 30th every year.  Check with your high school guidance counselor for more information. 



COTC is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  Credits earned at COTC can be transferred to other colleges and universites.  For more information on transferability, visit our Transfer Credit Information page.


COTC also maintains strong partnerships with four-year colleges and universities through Dual Admissions and Articulation Agreements (transfer agreements).  For more information on four-year partnerships, visit our Transfer @ COTC page.

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