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 Welcome Dual Enrollment High School Parents & Family Members!

We look forward to working with your student and their high school in partnership with COTC's Dual Enrollment program.  Students earn both high school and college credit for Dual Enrollment courses.

The college credit and course grade will appear on the COTC transcript. 

Tuition is FREE for the Dual Enrollment program option!

COTC currently has 20 high school partners with our Dual Enrollment program and the list is growing!

 Student Admission Criteria:

--2.0 GPA 

--Be enrolled in an Ohio high school or career center

--Complete the online application for admissionEffective beginning the 2014-2015 school year, the $20.00 application fee is no longer charged to students.

 COMPASS Assessment Preparation:

--COMPASS sections: Reading Comprehension and Math. Scores needed vary depending upon the college course being offered.

Take practice questions and review helpful videos before taking the COMPASS assessment at http://www.cotc.edu/COMPASS



How does the Dual Enrollment Program work?

 Students who participate in the Dual Enrollment program will need to complete a registration form and the COTC online application for admission.  Registration forms, high school transcripts, and school counselor recommendation forms will be collected from the high school.

Students need to possess at least a 2.0 grade point average.   

Depending upon the college course being offered at the high school, students may need to complete the free COMPASS assessment which is a web-based placement assessment.  Students complete questions regarding Reading Comprehension and Math.  COMPASS testing is scheduled at the high school for Dual Enrollment students.   ACT scores can be submitted in place of the COMPASS if students have taken the ACT.

Deadlines for these documents are established with the high school/COTC adjunct instructor.

Students will receive a Central Ohio Technical College High School Options Student Handbook which is an excellent resource of information.

What about grades?

Once the student has completed the dual enrollment course, a grade is recorded on the COTC transcript. The grade received from the high school instructor is the grade that is recorded on the student's COTC transcript.  Students will also receive high school credit for the course.

What is the cost?

The tuition for all dual enrollment courses is free!  

When is the deadline to register?

The registration deadline for each course varies depending on the term the course begins; however, the COTC application, registration form and any necessary COMPASS scores, are due by the deadline to complete enrollment in the course. 


What is the difference between AP and Dual Enrollment?

For Dual Enrollment students, the grade earned for the course is the grade reported on the Central Ohio Technical College's transcript as well as the high school transcript.

Dual Enrollment credits fulfills the course requirements and also applies toward the total number of credits a college requires for graduation in most instances.

AP credit is earned by a final exam taken at the end of the course. Not all students can demonstrate what they have learned by taking standardized tests. Students who plan to take the AP exam have only one opportunity to demonstrate success. Dual Enrollment students are graded on all assignments throughout the term of the course and receive a course grade for their cumulative classroom effort, without the pressure of a final exam determining credit for the course.

Students who successfully pass the AP exam may have the course requirement waived by the college the student attends; however, it may not reduce the number of hours that the student needs to graduate from that institution.

What resources are available to COTC Dual Enrollment students?

All Dual Enrollment students can obtain a COTC Student ID which provides full student privileges for the library, sporting events, and other campus student activities. Students can take advantage of the online resources which includes free online tutoring and Career Development services.  Free tutors are also available through the Center for Academic Success.

 Helpful Links:

- Center for Academic Success link: http://www.cotc.edu/student-life/CAS/Pages/Default.aspx

- Online Tutoring: http://www.etutoring.org

- MyLearningNetwork - http://mylearningnetwork.com/

- Khan Academy - http://www.khanacademy.org/

- Learning Skills Specialist - http://www.cotc.edu/student-life/LSS/

- Tutoring Center - http://www.cotc.edu/student-life/tutoring/Pages/default.aspx

- COTC Library: http://www.cotc.edu/library/Documents/home.htm

How do courses transfer after high school graduation?

Students planning to attend Central Ohio Technical College after graduation, do not need to take any additional steps to have the dual enrollment credit transferred to a degree program. The application of dual enrollment credit towards degree requirements will be automatic.

Students who select to attend a different college after graduation, will need to request that an official COTC transcript be sent to the college or university.  Transcript Request forms can be completed online through my cotc, or can be printed and mailed, faxed or emailed.  Click here for the printable form. Inquiries can be emailed at cotcgateway@cotc.edu.

The acceptance of transfer credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. College policies vary in regard to transfer credit. However, college courses are generally accepted for transfer if completed with a grade of "C" or better. 

 For more information about COTC's Dual Enrollment program, please contact High School Options at 740.755.7507 or email cotcgateway@cotc.edu.  

Mailing Address:

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