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Purpose - The Services Center offers the most timely, efficient support possible for the Newark Campus faculty, staff and administration in the following areas: Photocopying and Mail Services. We offer full cooperation and maximum effort to provide quality customer service.

Location - Founders Hall, Lower Level, Room 156

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Summer and Break Hours
7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Window Phone - 740-366-9213, ext. 6-9213

All services available through the Services Center should be requested by using the Newark Campus Reproduction Request Form available at the Services Center. The user is responsible for completely filling out the form and attaching it to the materials. Please keep the pink copy of the form as a receipt and reminder of your submitted work. Help in filling out the form may be obtained at the Reception Desk.


Sue Bidwell Office Staff Coordinator - ext. 4-9688

Support Staff

Rhonda Carter Office Production Assistant- ext. 6-9372
Mary Kay Yaus Office Production Assistant - ext. 6-9214
Marie Dacus Office Assistant - ext. 6-9213


Ricoh 2075
BizHub 1200
Ricoh Color MPC 6000

1st priority: Faculty
Classroom Material
Non-Classroom Material

2nd priority: Administrative

3rd priority: Personal (as time permits)
Billing will be sent to you from Accounting

a. Three working days for copying. This assures your work request being completed during peak times: i.e., prior to quarter, midterm and finals weeks. It also allows for times when the copier(s) are mechanically inoperable.

b. One-Hour Turn-around

 Books will not be reproduced as a quick copy service.

c. Color copies will require a 3-day turn around.

Request Preparation
The Reproduction Request Form must be filled out and attached to your originals.  CLICK HERE to save the form to your computer.  Complete the form and attach with the document to be copied.  

Clear original on white paper will be needed for good copy. Smudges, dots, lines, etc. will show up on copies. Dittos will not copy. Staples must to be removed. Materials should be submitted in copy ready form.

When copying onto letterhead, proper spacing on the original is important (do not type on the letterhead). Placing a piece of letterhead under your original will help guide you in adjusting margins.

Handwritten materials should be in black ink for good copy.

Write "Paste-Ups" under Specific Instructions on the Request Form. Paste-ups require special handling by personnel. Secure paste-ups around their edges with scotch tape (not glue, stickers, post-its, etc.).

Magnification and reduction capabilities are available on Services Center's copiers.

Copy jobs may be submitted via e-mail to  Please remember to attach the completed form in PDF format and include complete instructions (number of copies, single or double sided, color of paper, staple, and date and number needed). 

Color Copies
 Budgets will be charged $.15 per page.

Convenience Copiers
Located in all buildings: Founders Mailroom and Library (3), Hopewell South, Adena Hall, LeFevre Hall, and the Reese Center.  Copy codes are required to use these machines.  Contact the Services Center for a code.

These copiers are for your convenience to produce copies of small quantities. Large amounts of copies should be submitted to the Services Center.

Paper Selection
Copy Paper
81/2 x 11 - white, cream, blue, pink, yellow, green, lavender, salmon
81/2 x 14 - white, gray, blue, pink, yellow, green
11 x 17 - white

Three-hole punched paper is available in 8.5 x 11 paper. Not all colors are available in three-hole.

Cover/Cardstock (8.5 x 11" only)

Ask for assistance in selection special paper for covers
Weights of cover/cardstock: 67#, 110#

Parchment (certificate request)

natural, gold, gray

Use of the folding machine will be the responsibility of the Services Center personnel.

Basic folds available (half, tri, etc.) Any special folding instructions should be communicated to the Services Center.

The folding machine can insert envelopes (#10 - business size). Non-stapled pages are folded and inserted. The postage machine can then seal the envelopes.

Distribution of Material in Mailboxes
Offices are responsible for distribution of their own materials.

Approximately 450 copies are needed for all faculty and staff of both schools.

The Services Center will be responsible for shredding small amounts of material for faculty and individuals without secretaries or student workers.

Large quantities of material to be shredded will be picked up by LICCO as needed. Boxes are to be sealed and labeled "Shredding". Contact Services Center, ext. 6-9213, for details of pick up.


Pitney Bowes Electronic Mailing System

U.S. Mail
Incoming Mail

- Picked up at the Post Office Monday - Friday at 9:00 a.m.
- Distributed to mailboxes by approximately 12:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.
- No weekend pick up or distribution.

Outgoing Mail
Delivered to Post Office at 8:30 a.m., Monday - Friday.

Public mailboxes are not available on the Newark Campus. Personal stamped mail may be placed in the Services Center to be delivered to the Post Office at the above times.

Stamps are not sold in the Services Center.

Do not mix metered and personal mail together.

Foreign mail should be delivered directly to the Services Center Reception desk. It is important to keep this mail separate from the regular first-class mail because of the additional postage.

Return Address Identification
Please put your name or department on the upper left corner beneath the logo. This helps identify sender if mail is returned to the campus.

Auxiliary control numbers must be put on envelope beneath the logo if they are being charged back to a grant.

Educational Material should be stamped denoting that it is Media Mail at the top of the envelope between the return address and the area for postage.

Large quantities of mail should be delivered to the Services Center window.

All packages should be ready for metering with class or special handling clearly marked, i.e., "Media Mail".

UPS (United Parcel Service)
Incoming UPS Letters/Packages

UPS letters and packages are delivered to Receiving and then forwarded to individual mailboxes or to the Services Center for pick up. Questions regarding any letter or package coming to the campus should be directed to the Purchasing Department, ext. 6-9234.

Outgoing UPS Letters/Packages
UPS letters or packages should be delivered to the Purchasing Department.

Overnight letters and packages should be delivered to the Services Center.  Overnight UPS will be shipped UPS Next Day Air.  Please proved a compete address (no P.O. Boxes).  An overnight package form (for budget purposes) will need to be completed in the Services Center.  UPS requests that we contact them for pick up by 2:00 p.m.  Additional questions can be directed to Ext. 6-9213.

Campus Mail

Letter and 9x12 envelopes are available at the Services Center.

Empty envelopes should be returned to the Services Center for re-use. Please do not throw these envelopes away.

Inter-Campus Mail
To be distributed by individual or office - the Services Center does not distribute interoffice mail from other Newark Campus offices.

Off-Campus Mail
All Campus Mail must have complete Campus address.

The Newark Campus courier will deliver campus mail as follows:

Tuesday:  Coshocton and Mt. Vernon
Thursday:  Columbus and Pataskala

Bulk Mail

a. The Services Center staff will answer questions upon request. For detailed information please contact Sue Bidwell, ext. 4-9688.

a. Bulk mailings can not be completed in one day. Please allow enough time for a mailing to be produced, placed in envelopes, labeled, sorted, counted, etc. for each mailing. Enough time should be included to allow for the Post Office to receive, process, and deliver in time of notification of the event.

Office Supplies

Contact the Purchasing Office with any inquiries, ext. 6-9234.

Ordering is conducted through the Staples web site.


Fax Machine
Located in the Services Center. The staff will send the fax, stamp the original, and place in individual's mailbox when completed.

Fax Number (740) 366-5047. Be sure to have your name included on the coversheet of any incoming and outgoing faxes.

Foreign faxes may be sent at a charge of $3.00 per minute of transmittal time.

Personal faxing is available at $1.00 per page.

There are fax machines at other locations on campus. Review the internal phone list for locations.

Confidential Material

All materials that come through the Services Center will be handled confidentially. Materials of extreme confidential nature should be communicated to us and we will make special arrangements to secure them prior to pick-up.

All tests and quizzes are secured in the test drawers in the Services Center. An instructor needs to ask at the reception window for their material.

Weekend class arrangements must be made to have the test placed in a sealed envelope and placed in the individual's mailbox. Clearly mark the request form or speak to someone in the Services Center for this arrangement.

The Services Center will not give your test to any student to deliver to you, unless you have notified us in person.

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The Newark Campus

1179 University Drive
Newark, OH 43055

The Coshocton Campus

200 North Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, OH 43812

The Knox Campus

236 S. Main St
Mount Vernon Ohio 43050

The Pataskala Campus

8660 East Broad Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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