Pledge to Students 



All students who have an Individual Advising Plan (IAP) and who stay on their plans will be able to transition their quarter-based coursework into semester-based coursework, with the following three guarantees*:

·         No loss of academic progress;

·         No delay in time to degree completion/graduation;

    ·         No increase in total tuition and fees expended for the degree program.

*Please read the stipulations, below, pertaining to each of these guarantees.


Individual Advising Plan

In preparing for the fall 2012 switch from a quarter-based academic calendar to a semester-based academic calendar, the Central Ohio Technical College commits to a partnership with students that promotes the successful transition.

As with any partnership, expectations exist between the parties. Each COTC student making the transition can expect that advising resources will be available to assist her or him in defining a specific path to degree completion. This path will be determined in consultation with an advisor.

The college expects that each and every student will work with an advisor. Any and all students who meet with a COTC advisor to plan their IAP and who then follow their plan will receive the three guarantees noted above. Although it will do its best to assist all students, the College cannot guarantee that it can honor its pledges for students who do not meet with an advisor to work out an IAP and/or who do not stay on their plans.


No Loss of Academic Progress

Students who meet with an advisor to form an IAP and who then follow that plan will not lose earned credit as a result of the semester conversion. The earned quarter hours will be converted to semester hours based on the following formula:

Number of quarter-credit hours x .6667 = Number of semester-credit hours

Example: 90 quarter-credit hours x .6667 = 60 semester-credit hours

Applicable credit hours will be counted toward fulfilling degree requirements. For students enrolled before fall semester 2012, old and new catalog requirements will be merged to ensure progress toward degree. Again, students must meet with their academic advisors to determine their Individual Advising Plan.


No Delay in Time to Degree Completion/Graduation

This pledge ensures that students who 1) are on track to complete their degrees at the time of the college’s conversion from quarters to semesters and 2) maintain a consistent rate of credit accumulation after the semester conversion will not experience an extension of the time-to-degree completion. COTC cannot be held responsible, however, for personal choices such as a student’s decision to change to part-time status, to "stop-out," or to deviate from the agreed-upon IAP.


No Increase in Total Tuition and Fees Expended for the Degree Program

For a two-semester academic year, student tuition and fees will not be greater than they would be under the quarter system. In other words, the total full-time tuition and fees cost of two semesters will equal the total full-time tuition and fees cost of three quarters. In addition, the total tuition and fees cost over the length of the degree program (based on two semesters per academic year) will be the same for students following an approved IAP under the semester-calendar system as it would have been for students enrolled under the quarter-calendar system (tuition and fees payment schedules will be aligned with the semester calendar). However, the college may implement annual tuition increases as deemed necessary and authorized by the Board of Trustees.


If you have additional questions, please click here to visit the Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the semester conversion.









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