In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act, Barnes and Noble booksellers "including our own campus bookstore" is fully compliant with textbook provisions, as ISBN numbers and existing retail price information are available on the bookstore website, and students may obtain them BEFORE purchase.

Here is the link to the bookstore, and sample directions below:

Click Here to go the COTC Online Bookstore.

  • Scroll to the middle left of the page where it says: Buy your textbooks On-Line today!

    1, Select Term, choose Fall (Aug,Sept)
    2, Select Department, choose ACC
    3, Select Course, choose 2113
    4, Select Section, choose A

  • Click on Continue

  • Under Step two: Review Your Courses, Click on View Textbook List

    You should now see not only the title, edition and publisher, but the ISBN and pricing, including used textbook pricing where offered. You may proceed with the purchase at this time, or exit from the bookstore site. The campus continues to support and encourage purchases through the campus bookstore as this affords students the best opportunity for the purchase of used textbooks.  ​

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