Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs

​​​​​Tannah Penny, student​IMANI- Student Leadership Program 

The purpose of this program is to develop strong leadership, communication and career skills within the ​student campus community through a series of activities that include presentations, workshops, and mentorships.  Students will acquire great study habits through learning assessments, tutoring, and study table sessions.   Students will gain a better understanding of their strengths and challenges through goal preparation, outcomes and assessments.

Students will learn to manage and prioritize their academic and personal schedules through time management programs and tools. Students will learn to manage their finances and limit unnecessary spending through financial literacy programs.   Students will interact with faculty and staff and the community to gain strong interpersonal skills while building professional relationships.

Phase I is designed to prepare students for a great collegiate experience and goal success through interactive activities and planning for academic, personal and professional growth.​

Diversity, Intercultural and Community Engagement

The Diversity, Intercultural and Community Engagement Certificate Program (DICE) is a certificate earning program for undergraduate students interested in enhancing their college experience through co-curricular involvement focused on diversity, social justice, service and leadership. Through this program, students gain valuable skills in leadership and diversity. DICE provides diversity training through experiential learning and serves as a unique way of supporting student identity and interpersonal development.

There are three levels of DICE: Ally, Advocate and Activist. Students choose to complete one, two or all three levels. Each level builds on the requirements of the one coming before it. Students must complete the Ally level in one academic year. After completing the Ally level, students may complete the Advocate or Activist levels any time while enrolled as a COTC student. With each level, students earn more incentives and recognitions. At each level, students will receive the Certificate in Diversity, Intercultural and Community Engagement. This certificate will verify to employers and graduate schools that recipients are prepared to live and work in a diverse environment and are committed to improving their communities.

Level 1 - Ally: (to be completed in one academic year) 

To earn the Ally certificate, students must complete the following requirements:
​1. Attend 3 co-curricular Social Justice Engagement dialogues throughout the year 
2. Attend 3 heritage and/or awareness events offered through the Multicultural Center 

Students' progress will be tracked through a punch-card that will be distributed as students sign up for the program. Students will have their card punched at DICE events by a DICE representative. Once students have completed their card, they will turn this in and their name will be added to the certificate database for certificate distribution at the end of the academic year.​ You can find out which events count for the Ally track by signing up​.

​​Level 2 - Advocate: (can be completed any time while enrolled as an COTC student)

​Ally status and one diversity studies course.  Students completing this level receive the Advocate certificate and an additional award.  Students enrolling in a diversity studies course must fill out the appropriate paperwork. Please contact Vorley Taylor at taylor.1051@osu.edu to fulfill this requirement.

​​Level 3 - Activist: (can be completed any time while enrolled as a COTC student)​

  • Ally and Advocate​ status as well as completion of a service project (10 hours)
  • Students completing this level receive the Activist certificate and an additional award as well as recognition at our end of the year.
  • Students completing a service project must register with this office.

​​If you have any questions or would like a DICE card to participate in this program, please contact Vorley Taylor at taylor.1051@osu.edu.​

Program modeled after The Ohio State University D.I.C.E.  program.

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