Why Get Involved

Why Get Involved

​​​​Why Should You Become Involved on Campus?  

Students playing frisbeeThis is a good question!  It is one all students ask themselves constantly during their college experience.  Such decisions may range from joining a student organization, applying for a campus leadership position, or simply joining others for a social event.  When a student finds a group that they connect with, there are many benefits to be gained, which include:

  • ​​Offers valuable opportunities to learn more about the campus and fosters connections to faculty and staff members.
  • Assists in meeting new frien​ds and interacting with others; when we share an identity with a group, this helps us stay in college and to succeed.
  • Provides constructive co-curricular, social, and recreational opportunities.
  • Compliments the classroom by allowing practical application of classroom concepts, theories, and principles.
  • Affords “real-life” experiences in areas such as citizenship, work and relationships.
  • Enhances self-initiative, independence, responsibility, and time-management.
  • Promotes the development of leadership skills, confidence in social skills, and promotes effective listening.
  • Provides practical experience in collaboration, teamwork, and being an effective group member.
  • Presents opportunities for planning, managing and decision-making.
  • Assists in the development of purpose, values and a philosophy of life.​

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