Intercultural Relations

Intercultural Relations

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April 2019
10th Annual Community Intercultural Relations Conference
A Cultural Divide: Social and Economic Challenges

Current reports show that the U.S. is economically thriving, but our lower middle class and impoverished communities continue to struggle during these times of stability. This conference aimed to bring our community together to develop a better understanding of these complex issues between abundance and survival. Throughout the day, speakers presented on topics pertaining to current economic challenges, shared personal experiences and educated participants through engaging activities. The conference's goal was to provide critical awareness of the economic challenges of today. Participants learned about the complexities that challenge not only our most vulnerable but also our neighbors and family members. Takeaways included tools and resources to help provide effective support and guidance.

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About the Community Intercultural Relations Conference and Committee

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General Conference Description:

To complete the mission of raising awareness of social and cultural similarities and to build an inclusive community. The Community Intercultural Relations Committee (CIRC) hosts an annual conference addressing a current topic of concern. It provides guest speakers who have experience, knowledge and skills in social, cultural and diverse subject matter. The conference sessions include presentations, lectures, workshops and panels to inform attendees. Sessions are structured for discussion, personal story sharing and research data relevant to topic themes to enlighten conference attendees about mores, norms and challenges of community members and residents of diverse backgrounds.

Venue & Structure:

The annual conference is held on the shared campus of The Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College, 1179 University Drive, Newark, Ohio 43055. The CIRC meets regularly to plan annual events.

Committee Members:

The committee consists of business leaders, educators, students and local residents of Licking County. It has a minimum of seven community members (at least 1 staff/faculty member and 1 student member from Ohio State Newark and COTC). While serving on the committee, Ohio State Newark and COTC members give insight as to how college students are being treated as they engage in local activities.

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