Campus Access Committee

Campus Access Committee

​​​​F​e​bruary 18, 2016​
In consultation with Dr. Bonnie L. Coe, President, Central Ohio Technical College and Dr. William L. MacDonald, Dean and Director, The Ohio State University at Newark, Connie Zang completed a review of the mission and scope of the Campus Access Committee. They agreed that both Ohio State Newark and Central Ohio Technical College have imbedded the mission of the Campus Access Committee in what each institution does to maintain local, state, and federal compliance of ADA issues. In an effort to utilize personnel resources efficiently, we concurred that the Campus Access Committee should be dissolved effective immediately. Any questions should be addressed to Connie S. Zang, 740-364-9578 or czang@cotc.edu or zang.3@osu.edu.​

Mission Statement

November 14, 2008
The Campus Access Committee of The Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College serves as an advisory committee to the Ohio State Newark Dean/Director and COTC President. Membership includes Ohio State Newark and COTC faculty, staff and students.

The purpose of the Campus Access Committee is to advocate compliance with Federal legislation as related to or including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504, and Section 508 through recommendations of policies, plans, and practices regarding the accessibility to all facilities and programs by persons with disabilities.  The committee shall also work to maintain a campus environment of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for every individual, regardless of disability.​

Specific activities of the Committee may include, but are not limited to:

  • ​​Draft and recommend policies and documents; for example, campus access policy, grievance policy, transition plan for removal of physical barriers, etc.
  • Conduct periodic surveys to evaluate accessibility.
  • Sponsor or promote activities or publications to educate and create awareness of issues related to disability.

CAC Members

Membership of 2014-2015

Laura Barbuto, COTC Nursing instructor
Katherine Blocksidge, Reference & Instruction Librarian OSU/COTC
Brian Boehmer, Superintendent Facilities OSU/COTC
Patrick Courtney, COTC Social & Behavioral Sciences instructor
Dennis Hollern, Director of Public Safety Security OSU/COTC
Norman Holmes, Assistant Director of Public Safety/ Housekeeping Manager Security OSU/COTC
Adrian Rodgers, Ohio State Associate Professor Education
Leia Smith, Case Manager, Disability Services OSU/COTC
David Wirt, Mental Health Therapist OSU/COTC
Connie Zang, Director of Disability Services and Counseling, Chairperson OSU/COTC
If you would like to become a member of the CAC please contact Connie Zang, ODS Director at ext. 441 orczang@cotc.edu​.​

CAC Meetings

Please take a moment to review our website and check out our mission statement for the Campus Access Committee. Show your interest and share your ideas as you are certainly welcome to attend the meetings!

​Meetings are scheduled for the following times:

October 10, 2014
April 17, 2015
Meetings are held in Warner Center 230.​

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