Adaptive Technology and Learning Disabilities

Adaptive Technology and Learning Disabilities


Adaptive Technology

Examples of Adaptive Technology available for students with Academic Adjustments:

  • ​AlphaSmart
  • Amplification systems
  • CCTV
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • EaseReader
  • Enlarged calculator
  • Inspiration
  • JAWS
  • Magnifiers
  • Read and Write Gold
  • Text Aloud MP3
  • WYNN Wizard & WYNN Reader
To faculty and staff, if you have any questions about Adaptive Technology or would like to request a presentation about using Adaptive Technology, please stop by the Office for Disability Services, Warner Center 226.

Learning Disabilities​

Students with learning disabilities comprise the largest category of all students with disabilities attending college. This permanent disorder does not impair the normally average to above average IQ of these students, but it does mean that different teaching/learning strategies may be needed. 

A student with a diagnosed learning disability (LD) who has been to ODS will present an Authorized Access Plan, signed by an ODS staff member, to the faculty member. This is the instructor's assurance that a diagnosis has been made by qualified personnel. The faculty and student then arrange to meet the accommodations. ODS may assist in accommodations, for example, the student may take tests in the Testing Center when extra time or a reader or scribe is needed. 

​Referral for LD Testing

Students often refer themselves or at least inquire about LD testing. Faculty are also in a position to observe learning behaviors that may be signs of a learning disability. LD affects how a person perceives, retains, or expresses information. This may affect the ability to read, write, speak, or perform calculations. If some of the following signs are persistent, ODS can help with a referral to a LD Specialist or psychologist for assessment can be made. Some common signs include:

  • Disorganization
  • Difficulty focusing attention
  • Time disorientation
  • Consistent reversal of letters, words, or numbers
  • Inappropriate social behavior
  • Poor comprehension of written or oral instructions
  • Poor performance despite good preparation
The Office for Disability Services provides individualized and flexible accommodations and support services for students with disabilities. Student documentation is reviewed and eligibility for service determined. Confidentiality is maintained. The student informs faculty of any special needs. ODS staff members are trained and knowledgeable to assist students and faculty on issues of academic adjustment, learning strategies, advocacy skills and transition from high school to college and into employment.

Director - Connie Zang
Clinical Counselor - David Wirt, M.Ed., LPCC-S
Clinical Counselor - Stephayne Harris​ 

​The Office for Disability Services is located in:

Warner Center 226
1179 University Drive
Newark, OH 43055
(740) 366-9441
(614) 292-4094 (Cols.)
1-800-9NEWARK (Ohio)
(740) 364-9646 (FAX)

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