Office of the President

Office of the President


Thank you for taking time to learn about Central Ohio Technical College (COTC). Throughout its nearly 50 years of service, COTC has grown to become a comprehensive institution of higher education providing high-quality programs of technical education in response to employment needs as well as excellent liberal arts and transfer education opportunities.

COTC's student-centered environment is the core of all programming and is the heart of our success — from hands-on instruction and resources for first-generation college students and others who face personal challenges — to opportunities for continued professional growth, development and success. We are committed to providing education to all those who seek it, recognizing their diversity and needs.

As I begin my presidency, it is an extraordinary time in the life of the college. Through strategic planning and management the college is well positioned for the future. I'm pleased to share with each of you some exciting initiatives underway at COTC:

  • In November 2018, COTC announced the Coshocton Promise, which guarantees that the college will fund the gap between tuition (instructional and general fees) and remaining student need after all other private scholarships, institutional, federal and state aid are exhausted. Under the program, all tuition will be covered for eligible Coshocton County residents annually reporting a household income of $60,000 or less on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Initial Coshocton Promise funds are made possible through a unique public/private partnership between COTC and the Coshocton Foundation's Clarence and Grace Miller Scholarship endowment.

  • At the COTC Newark campus, plans for the John and Mary Alford Center for Science and Technology are well underway, which will add much-needed laboratory and classroom space. The Alfords were very supportive of both COTC and Ohio State Newark during their lives, and their children, Ron Alford and Barb Cantlin, along with Barb's husband, Mike, have continued to carry on the legacy established by the Alfords through their generous lead gift of $2.5 million. Construction of the new Alford Center is projected to begin in 2020 with occupancy in January 2022.

  • This past summer, COTC began offering short-term certificates leading to immediate employment in fields such as phlebotomy, electrocardiography and addiction studies, allowing graduates to quickly enter the job market in high-demand fields. In addition, several new associate degree options will be available in autumn 2019 which will provide even more opportunities for local access to sought-after careers.
  • COTC's thriving College Credit Plus program allowed 1,285 middle and high school students to earn college credit at our four campuses and in local high schools this past autumn.

  • Last summer COTC was awarded $3.2 million from the state capital biennium budget for the complete renovation of the COTC Pataskala campus building. The college is currently creating a campus project plan that will include replacing all mechanicals and constructing an entirely new interior which will optimize the space for classrooms and provide room for additional science and nursing skills labs.

  • Through our Workforce Development Innovation Center (WDIC), COTC continues to offer an array of customized workforce training solutions ranging from professional education and training of technical skill enhancement and safety certifications, to soft skills development and professional designation exam preparation.

Also, in the coming months I will be committed to strengthening COTC's engagement and outreach with our local communities and to extending and building new partnerships with regional and state constituents.​​

On behalf of the faculty and staff at COTC, I invite you to learn more about how the transformative power of education at COTC can change your life, or the life of someone you know.

John M. Berry, Ph.D.

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Legends of Loyalty logo

The “Legends of Loyalty” award was established by the Office of the President to identify and recognize the recipients'​ dedication and commitment to the college. It spotlights individuals who have, over the years, made a significant impact on the history of the college, and have gone above and beyond their required duties and proven unselfish allegiance. Nomination Form

The 2018 Legends of Loyalty recipients are:

L to R: Richard Corbett (posthumously-pictured is wife, Judy Corbett), ​John Hinderer, Dave Mettler, Cheryl Snyder,
 Sarah Wallace and Karen Buchwald Wright


The 2017 Legends of Loyalty recipients are:

Ken Ollish, Sandra Siegrist, Whit Tussing and Lisa Smith


The 2016 Legends of Loyalty recipients are:
John Alford (posthumously)​, Scott Wilson, Barry Riley and Steve Riley​

Legends of Loyalty_12-6-16.JPG

Pictured (l-r): Mike Cantlin, Stephanie Cantlin Athen, Barb Cantlin, Ron Alford (all family of John Alford), Dr. Bonnie L. Coe​, Scott Wilson, Barry Riley and Steve Riley

The 2015 Legends of Loyalty Award recipients are:
Robert and Joan Robinson


Pictured (l-r): Joan (Jodie) Robinson, Robert (Robby) ​Robinson and Bonnie L. Coe, Ph.D.

The 2014 Legends of Loyalty Award recipients are:
Art Ghiloni
Carolyn Simpson
Calvin E. Roebuck (posthumously)​​

Jim Roebuck, Lyndia Roebuck, Bonnie Coe, Carolyn Simpson, and Art Ghiloni 

​​​​Pictured (l-r): Jim Roebuck, Lydia Roebuck, (son and wife of Calvin Roebuck), Bonnie L. Coe, Ph.D.Carolyn Simpson and Art Ghiloni

​ ​​​​​​​​​

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