J. Andrew Crawford, Esq.

J. Andrew Crawford, Esq.

​​Crawford_Andy_portrait_lr.jpgA partner at Newark, Ohio law firm of Reese Pyle Meyer PLL since 1989, Andy is a 1981 graduate of Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington, where he was the managing editor of the Indiana Law Journal. Andy has extensive experience in litigation, general business and real estate law.

​With regard to litigation, Andy has litigated cases in courts ranging from local municipal courts up to federal courts in Southern and Northern Districts of Ohio, and has tried numerous jury trials in several central Ohio counties. The subjects of these jury trials ranged from personal injury (both for plaintiff and defendant), employment and real estate. On the transactional side, Andy has considerable experience in business acquisitions and sales, real estate transactions and has performed estate planning for a variety of clients.

Over the past several years, Andy has been actively involved in civic affairs, serving as President of the Granville Village Exempted School District School Board, the Granville Recreational Commission (now the Granville Recreational District) and the Granville Kiwanis, as well as serving on the board of the Granville Community Foundation. Andy is currently the Acting President of the Center for Disability Services in Newark and also serves the Blue Aces as the announcer for Granville High School home football games.​


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