Michelle Armas

Michelle Armas

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Middle Childhood Education,

Ohio University

About Me


Somerset, Ohio

A class that changed my life

My instructor for Literature for Middle Childhood was what every teacher should strive to be. She challenged us to look at everything we did as teachers a different way. She approached teaching with an enthusiasm that was infectious and truly shaped how I approached education, both as a student and as an educator.  Even now in my work in higher education, I still find myself thinking back on techniques and critical thinking skills I learned in her classroom.

Best College Experience

I think that my best college experience would be when I was cast in a theater production for the university.  I attended a small high school where I participated in theater but getting cast at the college level really bolstered my confidence and gave me the push I needed to be myself.

One Piece of Advice

Take the road less traveled. One thing I have found in life is that following the crowd is sometimes the easiest route but being true to yourself, exploring your own way, and living unapologetically is definitely the more fulfilling way to go.

Favorite TV Show


Favorite Movie

Wizard of Oz

Favorite Song

Dream a Little Dream of Me by Louis Armstrong