Courtney Lupher

Courtney Lupher

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Phone: 740.622.1408, ext. 74247


Bachelor​ of Science, Communications
Ohio University    ​

About Me

Hometown: Frazeysburg, Ohio​

A class that changed my life: Communication Among Cultures. This was a communication course that taught me about different cultures and different beliefs. It taught me how to effectively relate to all people and be tolerant and accepting of everyone. College is a “melting pot” full of diversity. I would highly recommend a course like this for everyone, no matter what your major is.

Best college experience: Working on campus. Getting a part-time job on campus was the smartest decision I made in college. My best friend today was one of my coworkers then. It really stimulated my passion for students and education, and provided me with great role models.

One piece of advice: Experiment with classes! Now is the time to take classes that you never thought about taking. Who knows, you may stumble upon something that you are deeply passionate about!

Favorite TV show: Everybody Loves Raymond

Favorite Movie: Oliver and Company

Favorite song: "Ice, Ice Baby" - Vanilla Ice​