Christy Haught

Christy Haught

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Phone: 740.755.7670


Associate of Applied Science, Human Services, Chemical Dependency Counseling option
Central Ohio Technical College    ​

About Me

Hometown: Newark, Ohio

A class that changed my life: Abnormal Psychology. I really enjoyed this class because it pushed me to think outside the box and to understand how mental illness affects people. It opened my eyes to the struggles that people face every day, and how we all need to be sensitive and understanding to one another because you do not know the battles others might be fighting. 

Best college experience: Having my son watch me walk across the stage and receive my diploma.

One piece of advice: ​Do not let your job/career define who you are as a person. Everyone has a purpose in life and there are people in your path for a reason. Do not waste the opportunity to make a difference and show someone that you care. The littlest things can sometimes make the biggest impact in someone’s life.

Favorite TV show: Friends

Favorite Movie: Titanic

Favorite song: "Overcomer" by Mandisa